I Love Mail.

Mar 18, 2012

One of the BEST things about living overseas is the mail. I like to shop online just so I get packages and if I'm lucky people send me things. I love getting cards, too. Our fridge is covered in holiday cards, thank you cards, and wedding announcements from my friends and family. It makes me happy every time I see them. And this past week was a great week for mail! 

I ordered these rosette headbands on Etsy (I admit it, I'm an Etsy addict) to dress up my hair on days that I just want a messy bun or a pony tail.

I got this beautiful headband after winning a giveaway that A Little Piece of Me was sponsoring. This was the only headband in this style that she made so I have an "original Salena" that I absolutely love.

Remember how I mentioned that I have a pen pal? Well Jane is fabulous (go meet her!) and yesterday I got a package from her in the mail. It had an adorable magnet from Hawaii (which is perfect because I'm low on magnets) and these macadamias. I didn't know they did different flavors of macadamias but they are delicious! I can't decide which one is my favorite. Every time I pick which my fav is I munch on a different one and change my mind. So I'm just going to savor them all.
Jane is awesome and has a great Etsy store where she sells her jewelry and other pretty things. Right now she's sponsoring a giveaway at Life's Little Indulgences for a pair of her darling handmade earrings. You can also win a blog review in the giveaway so you should definitely go check it out.

I'm going to be posting my Vlog link up sometime this week so be sure to check back for it and join me. I promise, the more people that participate the more fun it will be! And I'm thinking of doing my very first giveaway along with the link up. It's all spinning around in my brain, but it sounds fun to me. What do you think?


  1. You got it!!! Aww, I love it. I miss that headband so much even though I would just look at it on etsy and through the packaging. :) I love it so much and it looks great on you!!! I'm so glad you love it.

  2. I love getting mail too!
    I'd love to see what you put together for a giveaway and I'm going to check Jane out now! :)

  3. Such a fun post! I love great mail days like that. The headband is way too precious!

  4. Super cute headband! I had no idea they made so many different types of macadamias either! Cool!

    Glad you are getting "fun" mail! :)

  5. There is nothing like getting mail :) The headband looks pretty on you.

  6. Those headbands are so cute! And you look really good in headbands. I'm never sure if I can pull them off. I'm glad you like the nuts. As soon as I sent them I was thinking, what if she is allergic to nuts?? That would have been awful. lol

  7. Those headbands are seriously adorable!!!

  8. Aren't pen pals the best? I recently was linked up with one - and I love it. We've already exchanged one package and I can't wait to plan more.

    And that headband is adorable. I love a cute headband.

  9. Real mail is the best! Thank for linking up to the meet & tweet! I've been a follow of your now for awhile.

  10. I love getting mail!! It's the greatest feeling opening my mail and see personal mail... not junk or bills! :)


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