Animal Cookies.

Aug 25, 2011

I'm quite excited about this little book here. It's a present for my honey. I'm sure he's going to love it. With all the chaos in my life lately this has been a breath of fresh air for me.

Is it juvenile that these are my favorite treat lately?
I don't care. 
They're delightful.

Miss Maggie.

Aug 23, 2011

Meet Miss Maggie. 
I pierced her ears for her on Saturday.
We do nails together. 
I'm lucky to have such a cute neighbor friend.

Green Piggy.

Aug 22, 2011

I've said it before and I'll say it again. Having a long distance engagement is terrible. But Aaron and I do what we can to make it a little less miserable. I like to send him random things in the mail. I don't do it often enough that he expects it, so when he receives a surprise package it always makes him smile. Two weeks ago I found a little stuffed red Angry Bird and I couldn't resist! When he got it in the mail he absolutely loved it! Then I found the Angry Bird's nemesis, the Green Pig, and I knew it had to be mine. Now Aaron and I can build an obstacle course and have a war. We are both 8 years old at heart. It may be silly, but we always make each other smile.

S&A Engagements.

The Other S&A.

Aug 14, 2011

Meet my beautiful sister Shelly & (her) Aaron 
Mr. & Mrs.
The Other S&A

Little Things.

Aug 13, 2011

Life has been nothing short of chaotic lately, 
but the little things really make me smile.

How I Feel.

Aug 11, 2011

Deep down inside I'm a hopeless romantic. I believe in love and happy endings. But I'm not a mushy person so it's quite the contradiction. One thing I'm really struggling with right now is writing my wedding vows. I can write Aaron a letter and it could be the most cheesy, romantic, mushy thing you'll ever read. I have no problem writing down my feelings and love for him. But to write something that I then have to read out loud in front of people? I don't know how to do that. I'm working on it though because I want everyone to know exactly how I feel about him. While I'm concentrating on writing my vows I'm trying to keep two things in mind that help me with this process. 

I sing Aaron a silly little song when he's down and it cheers him up and reminds him how very much I love him. 

This is exactly how I feel about my soon-to-be husband. 

So go ahead, call me cheesy. I don't care.


Aug 3, 2011

Ring Bling.

Aug 1, 2011

Today is a happy day. It's August first which means July is officially over and I'm that much closer to Aaron coming back to Utah and our fabulous wedding I'v been planning. I know I talk about the wedding a lot but let me tell you, when your fiancé lives in a different country and you never get to see him and you hardly get to talk to him you find the things that make you happy and you focus on them. The wedding isn't the only thing that makes me happy, I also focus on the life we will have together and many other things but they're all way too personal to share with people on a blog. So the blog gets to hear about the wedding. Today I have some exciting news. Yesterday Aaron told me I can share one picture of the wedding ring we picked out together when he was here. He said on Facebook but my blog is way more fun so people have to come here to see it. Plus there's a little story behind it so I want to share it.

I am not a boring person. I am my own person and I like who I am. When Aaron and I first started looking at wedding rings I just couldn't find a single thing I liked. Every diamond ring I saw was pretty, but not for me. And after a while they all sort of blend together. One day I stumbled upon colored stones as an option and I loved the idea. So when Aaron was here visiting we went to the Shane Company because I knew they had a large stock of different colored stones at the store instead of online only. They had every color I could have wanted. We picked out a band first and then we tried reds, blues, greens, pinks and yellows but so far none of them had been the thing we thought we were looking for. The man helping us was so patient. He said to us "I have something in the back that I've never showed to anyone before but I think you two might really like it." He disappeared and when he returned he pulled out the most beautiful orange sapphire stone we'd ever seen. He set in in the band and Aaron and I were both a little speechless. I knew it was what I wanted and from the look on my face he knew too! I'd never imagined wanting an orange sapphire but as soon as I saw it on my finger I was done. The light catches it from any angle and the stone just sparkles and shines. It's absolutely gorgeous. This picture doesn't do it justice but for now it's the best I have! Enjoy!