The Baby News

Dec 17, 2014

Everly is going to be a big sister! If you follow along through social media this isn't really news to you. And if you've noticed my absence from blogging you probably guessed before I even announced. Aaron and I are thrilled to be expecting our second child. Everly is excited, though she doesn't completely understand. She thinks the baby is in her belly, just like mama. It's adorable.

I'm about 12 weeks along now and it's been a hard one. I had hyperemesis with Everly and it's reared it's ugly head again. If you've never had it... there's just no way to explain. I've lost quite a bit of weight along the way but I'm surviving. Everly and I weaned her from nursing last week. It was heartbreaking because I wasn't ready and I'm not sure she was either. I had to think of my health and the health of this new baby and though I wasn't ready, I know it was best. Everly's taken it all in stride though. She really is the sweetest, happiest, brightest little lady I know. I can't call her a baby!

We are SO excited for this new little soul to be added to our family.