Oct 25, 2010

Absolutely IN LOVE.
I can't even pick a favorite song.  That's how good it is.


Oct 19, 2010

Yesterday I played a little game with my siblings and some of my close friends.  I sent them this in a text:

"If a canoe crash landed in your backyard and all the wheels came off how many snow cones would it take to build a doghouse?"

These were the answers I got back:

"Uh, that's a really difficult question"
"I have no idea"
"Yes to both"'
"Haha I have no clue :)"
"The color 12"
 "Red ;)"

I know, I'm a little crazy.

Book x4.

Oct 17, 2010

I read 4 books today.  Yes, that's a little excessive, even for me!  But I was very much in the mood to read and I was devouring them too quickly to help myself.  

{13 to Life}
{Raised by Wolves}
{White Cat}
{If I Stay}

4 books to help me pass the day.  

I didn't really like 13 to Life.  It was the first of a series and had a lot of potential but I felt like the entire book should have just been the intro chapters to a much longer book instead of something that stands alone.  I understand that in a series you should leave the readers wanting more but there were so many unanswered questions that instead of being excited for the next book I was disgusted that I'd wasted my time.

Raised by Wolves was better.  Yes, it's about werewolves and yes, I like (some) books like that.  It was well written and actually had a good plot.  Yay for a good dark fantasy book instead of a terrible one like most.

White Cat was fantastic.  Holly Black wrote it and if you've ever read her well I don't think I have to say anything else.  It was a great book, great plot, great story and best of all it's the first in a series so I now get to look forward to even more Holly Black dark magic wonderfulness.

If I Stay took me by surprise.  On the cover it says "Will appeal to fans of Twilight" which immediately made me wary.  The last thing this world needs is another poorly written vampire novel.  (Hear that world?  Stop writing them!!!)  But it had nothing of vampires in it and the reviews were really good so I sucked it up and dove right in.  What a fantastic story of life, love, loss & music.  I actually cried TWICE while I was reading and I honestly do not remember the last time a book made me cry.  The first time tears came to my eyes I was surprised because I hadn't been expecting them.  The second time I just blinked through them and kept on reading.  I truly didn't know how the book was going to end and either way it could have gone I was ready for it.  So in short... Wonderful book.  Don't read it around other people because I don't cry ever but it got to me.
PS I do not get why it should be in any way linked to Twilight.  It is better.  It is believable and evokes real emotions.  Do not be stopped from reading it because someone put a stupid quote on the front of the book.