Jul 27, 2015

My two ladies, just an hour or two after they were born. Up top is Everly Eden, below is Iris Haven Nicole. I've spent a lot of minutes staring at these photos side by side, comparing their precious, perfect features. Finding their similarities and their differences. These to photos bring back so many memories for me. I love watching them grow, but these first moments were where it all began. What a beautiful journey.

xo Sue

the birth of Iris Haven Nicole, in photos

Jul 15, 2015

I'm writing Iris's birth story in a separate post. It was a truly beautiful and spiritual experience and I want it to be wonderfully written before I share it with the world. These photos came back to us today (happy 3 weeks earthside, Iris!) and I am smitten. Ginger from Earthside Birth Photography captured it all so perfectly. Looking at these photos reminds me of little things I hadn't remembered or realized since her birth (like I was crying!). It's been such a treat to see this life changing experience through someone else's eyes. 

And Everly. Oh Everly. My sweet 2 year old doula. Every photo she's in makes me smile. She observed the birth of her sister in quiet awe and with a reverence I don't usually see in my little wild one. 

I am deeply grateful for my support team that day. Aaron was amazing (like I knew he would be) and handled everything with a quiet smile on his face and sometimes a little bit of awe. Shelly was perfect with Everly. She played with her and sat with her and held her while we all worked together to bring another life into this family. My midwife Jess was fantastic (as I knew she would be) and completely followed my lead through the entire birth. Her support midwife Liz was amazing too, holding my hands, whispering that I could do it, and smiling sweetly while I swore under by breath because it hurt! And of course, Ginger was fantastic photographing the entire thing so quietly that I forgot she was there. These photos are a treasure that I will always cherish.

xo Sue