A Sacred Doula Retreat

Oct 22, 2014

A few weeks ago I wrote about the Sacred Pregnancy Retreat in Toronto that I was able to attend. To make it even better I was able to attend it back-to-back with a Sacred Doula Retreat. All I can really say to that is WOW. It was an honor to attend two retreats together, to photograph both retreats, and to share the experience with some amazing women.

Sacred Doula is a one-of-a-kind training for doulas. Lorie McCoy is a brilliant teacher, infusing modern day doula techniques and knowledge with the beauty and reverence of Sacred Pregnancy. She brings to life the meaning of living the Beauty Way. We trained in practical, hands-on techniques for assisting our clients during labor and learned from our very experienced doula guru! Having been to two previous doula trainings (through different programs) and practicing as a doula for over a year, I wondered how much I would really learn at Sacred Doula. I was very happily surprised! I received so many valuable tools and techniques. This training is so well rounded and comprehensive and gave me a confidence in my doula skills that I didn't have before. And after four days spent living, learning, laughing, and even crying with these women, I walked away with a new circle of sisters who love and support me even from far away. If Sacred Doula calls to you GO! It's truly a life changing experience. 

October Intentions

Oct 7, 2014

The first pic was July's. The second was in August, right before I left for Canada for 10 days. It feels like another lifetime. The last photo was September, we went to a high school football game. Everly thought it was the most fun ever. 

August was crazy. My intention was to get through the month with my sanity and we almost didn't make it. September we fell into recovery mode and near then end I came out of it with more than just survival instincts. Life happens, right? But this month I've set intentions for myself again and it feels so good. And can you believe it? We've had 9 months of family photos. Yes, they're almost all iPhone photos, but still. Pictures. Of all three of us.

I've started a new online training course that has ignited a fire within me. As part of the course I've been tracking the moon across the sky and it's led to a place of curiosity and a desire to learn more. I'm so excited for the blood moon this week! I don't care that I have to be awake at an undesirable hour to see it and photograph it. I'm just ready to do it. Life has been intense and scary, but it's getting better. And I'm so grateful for this little family that I get to go through it all with! 

October Intentions. I will...
  • Track a full moon cycle, observing my ebbs and flows and understanding a tiny piece of the universe just a little bit better.
  • Make our family's Halloween costumes. I started this tradition last year with our lions. This year is going to be even more fun. I love the idea of a group costume and until Everly is old enough to revolt, I'm going to make our costumes and have a great time doing so!
  • Complete my rebrand of my business. I finished my all-encompasing professional website a few months ago. I created my photography website. Now I'm working on my professional doula website. I've wanted to rebrand for a while. I've renamed by business Sacred Feathered Nest and I'm working with Amira to create a fantastic logo for it! I love it already, and I'm not even finished. This month I'm going to have that website beautiful and thriving. 
  • Attend a small business training. I need this for myself. I have big ideas, beautiful plans, I just need the support of a mentoring group and a training to take the big jump to the next new thing! I'm going through Sacred Biz and I'm very excited for this.

I'm also going to create some projects with my sister, but that's more for fun than an intention. Hopefully they'll turn out great and then I can share them with you! I'm also going to watch my lady turn 20 months *sob* and try not to make a big deal about it. It's such a gift to watch her grow. She's learning new words and she talks all the time. But it's so bittersweet. She's amazing, she's brilliant, and she's growing so quickly. And last (but definitely not least), my lover is turning the big 2-9 this month. That's right friends, Aaron is entering the last year of his 20's and he's doing it handsomely. He's like great wine and cheese, only getting better with age! I am really looking forward to October.