Our E-course Release!

Jun 15, 2014

It's here, it's here, it's finally here! Shelly and I have been dreaming about this for months and it's finally time for the release of our e-course! We're releasing The Journey to Self Love on June 30, 2014. We hope you'll join us for this adventure! 

From Shelly
This e-course came about through a series of events. Sue has been working hard with an amazing organizations to put together ecourses for them. I had been struggling with my self-worth and personal happiness. I thought it might be something that many woman struggle with! So these thoughts and feelings sort of merged together into Sue and I writing an ecourse about loving ourselves!

A short overview of The Journey to Self Love

  • Week 1: How do you feel about yourself? We will guide you through soul searching questions to find your strengths and weaknesses. We will talk about people in your life and ways you manage stress. We will discover how you make yourself feel good.
  • Week 2: How do you see yourself? We will look at your relationship to food and money. We will talk about appearances, what healthy means to you, and how the media views women. We will look at how you feel most comfortable in your own skin.
  • Week 3: How do you talk to yourself? We will talk about the unrealistic expectations women place on themselves to be perfect. We will think about how we treat others as well as ourselves. We will explore music and how it affects our moods.
  • Week 4: What do you believe? You will reflect inward and define for yourself what you believe. We will talk about how your beliefs reflect in your life and the power of unconditional love. We will discuss meditation and connections to nature and the world around you.
  • Week 5: Share yourself with others. We will talk about the importance of talents and sharing them with others. We will help you define success for yourself. We will talk about personality traits that you value and how you can encourage those in yourself. 

We believe that a woman's journey to self love is never truly finished. We also believe it begins the moment you realize that you are worthy of love. This course is important to us because we realized that sometimes women want to love themselves but they need a little guidance to get there. Our personal self love journeys have been a roller coaster of good days and bad. We realize that while there is no magic formula to suddenly make you accept and love yourself, there is a path to follow. Our hope is that this course will propel you forward in your journey to Self Love.

This course is done in 5 weeks, Monday-Friday each week, for a total of 25 classes. On the first day of the course we will each create a personal journal to use over the next 5 weeks (and beyond if you choose). This will be one of our projects for the course. Each day there will be topics of discussion for you to reflect on and journal about. In addition there will be small projects each week for you to do. Some will be art projects and some will be practices for you to take into real life with you. The point of every project is to help you remember your commitment to self love and the journey you're on. We hope you enjoy every project and practice that we put into this course!

Won't you join us? 

xo Sue (& Shelly)

Just Me

Jun 7, 2014

About halfway through taking pics with Everly she decided she was done. That was fine with me because I wanted to get some fun shots of myself too. Sometimes you just need fancy pictures! The last one is my favorite. 

xo Sue

My Lady Love

Jun 2, 2014

Isn't she gorgeous? I cannot believe my Everly is 15 months old already. I sort of miss doing her monthly updates because she changes constantly and those were fun to look back on. She's saying SO many words now but my favorites are "love you" and "thank you." If I hand her something, anything, she says thank you. It is the sweetest thing. And if I say love you she'll smile big and say it back. When she decides she's hungry she'll walk up to me, try to lift up my shirt, and shout "Nurse!" It always makes me laugh. I tried to teach her to ask sweetly but the girl knows what she wants. Food, mama, food! This little dress was a thrift store hand-me-down and it's my favorite one she owns. Sometimes the best treasures come from unexpected places! I love you, little E.

xo Sue