My Lady Love

Jun 2, 2014

Isn't she gorgeous? I cannot believe my Everly is 15 months old already. I sort of miss doing her monthly updates because she changes constantly and those were fun to look back on. She's saying SO many words now but my favorites are "love you" and "thank you." If I hand her something, anything, she says thank you. It is the sweetest thing. And if I say love you she'll smile big and say it back. When she decides she's hungry she'll walk up to me, try to lift up my shirt, and shout "Nurse!" It always makes me laugh. I tried to teach her to ask sweetly but the girl knows what she wants. Food, mama, food! This little dress was a thrift store hand-me-down and it's my favorite one she owns. Sometimes the best treasures come from unexpected places! I love you, little E.

xo Sue

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  1. She is so stinking cute. I'm excited for Grace to start talking... because I am certain it will melt my heart every.single.time (for a while at least!)!


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