Taking an Out Breath

May 29, 2014

In April my intention was to SLOW DOWN. And while I feel like I did that to an extent... I think May has been the month that I've really come through for myself. It's been unintentional but my body let me know that it was time to take an out breath. It started with a migraine. They're icky but they always pass so they don't get me down too far. After that I scaled back a little bit but I got another one. Okay body, I get it, you want a break. And so I've made a conscious effort to work when it's time to work and put it down when it's time to play. I'm not perfect... and my phone has email so you know... but I've been trying a lot harder and that's what makes the difference.

Everly and I had my sister Cori take some pics for us yesterday. I'm in love. My lady, she's just perfect. And I made the giant flower crown on my head. I want to offer them in my shop but I almost feel like they're too special to do that. I make them for myself, my friends, my family, and my pregnant mamas that I work with. I make them because they make my soul happy. Tomorrow I'll share more pics. For today it's just a glimpse! 

xo Sue

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