Eighteen Months

Aug 28, 2014

It's been strange the last 6 months to not do updates about E. She is growing and changing every day and yet after the first year it seemed... strange. I don't know why. She's 18 months now and for those not counting, that means she's lived outside my belly for TWICE as long as she lived in it. She is truly the most amazing little girl. She loves to play, she has a wild heart, and she's fiercely independent. She loves to do things on her own. 

Over the past week she's started stringing words together. They're not quite sentences but they're something. She says 2-3 words together to really get her point across. And sometimes she says a word that I wonder how she even knows it! Beyond saying real words, she loves to talk and talk in her own language and loves when I respond. She tells the best stories. 

Everly loves to dance! If music comes on she instantly begins wiggling her little body along with it. She can't seem to help herself. She climbs on everything and always has a scrape or a bump somewhere on her body. She doesn't slow down. It's so much fun to watch her develop and explore the world around her. Some days it's exhausting to have such a high energy child but really, I wouldn't have it any other way. This is who she is