About Me

I'm Sue. I'm a mother, a wife, a doula, and a teacher (though not in a traditional way). I'm also a photographer, a dancer, a yogi, a writer, a thinker, and a dreamer. I do web design and run online classes for the Sacred Living Movement. I also lead live retreats and love the power of women circling together in sisterhood. My sister Shelly and I co-wrote and teach an online class called Sacred Self Love that guides women to a deeper appreciation and love for themselves. 

I tell myself I can do anything and most of the time I believe it. I'm an eternal optimist and I'm deeply passionate about life. I started writing in this space eight years and haven't stopped. Since then I've stretched and grown as a person more than I ever though was possible. I've had some growing pains, but I'm so proud of the person that I've become. 

I'm married to Aaron. He's pretty awesome. He's also really funny. He makes me laugh every single day. We've been married four years but often still act like we're dating. We just really like each other.

I'm mama to Everly Eden and Iris Haven Nicole. They are the light of my life and each absolutely amazing in different and wonderful ways. I'm grateful for the blessing of my daughters every day of my life. Both of my daughters teach me daily how to be a better mom and a better person. I want to show them that they can do or be anything

I love
playing with my daughters and making them smile
kissing my husband
reading a good book
laughing, mostly with (at) my husband
singing along to the radio
dancing around my living room
writing, both on my blog and in my journal
talking a lot, I love to tell stories and make up silly things
practicing yoga for a stronger mind and body
cool toys that keep me entertained
pretty things to look at or wear
glitter & sparkles always

We've lived all over the place. 
New Jersey, Washington, Japan (me).
Germany, Las Vegas, Japan (Aaron).
Born in Japan (Everly).
Born in Utah (Iris).
Now we call Utah home and love it.

It's never perfect, but this is a beautiful, wonderful life.
xo Sue