Celebrating Me.

Mar 27, 2012

I'm a big fan of Birthday Week. I think it takes a lot more than one day to do all the fun things associated with celebrating my birth. If you're curious to why I celebrate birthday week read this post on 1000 Awesome Things. It explains how I feel perfectly. It's not that I'm self centered, it's that I love an excuse to have a party. Don't worry, one day when I have children they'll also get the joy of birthday week. Aaron's already looking forward to his. Every time we picked out a present for me he said, "when it's my birthday I want {insert random boy thing}." This went on for a while until finally I said, "honey, it's not your birthday for another 8 months." But I now have a list of presents that are acceptable for his birthday. Just in case. Now, on to the pictures because they show the joys of birthday week so much better than I can say it.

Pretty Presents 
Tie-dye Cupcakes {inspired here}
Random Happiness
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  1. You're so pretty! Looks like you had a pretty great birthday. Pics are great.

  2. Xa, mine is in 2 months, and thanks to your post I'm now considering turning it into a BD week ... better yet BD month;-)))) you, guys, are so adorable!! I'm happy you had so much fun celebrating your BD with the people you love!;-)

  3. happy birthday! those cupcakes look devine!

  4. You are so awesome! This idea must run in our family. I'm awful though and it's more like birthday month! ;)

  5. I love the idea of Birthday Week! How fun! And those cupcakes look awesome!!

  6. Happy birthday week! I LOVE those cupcakes.

  7. Those cupcakes looks amazing!! I want one right now! ;)

    Looks like a wonderful birthday, pretty girl!!

  8. You've got a lovely blog going on here. I absolutely LOVE those tie dye cupcakes -- so unique!


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