Sunday Favorites on Mother's Day

May 13, 2012

my handsome baby
Twink made some friends
a man on a mission
Twink's face here is priceless
just our cute little family
For Mother's Day (since I'm not actually a mom) we didn't have anything special planned. But we woke to a beautiful, sunny day and of course that means lucky Twink baby gets a trip to the dog park. It turned out to be a wonderful family day. I know our family is small, but we treasure our family days together. We get so few of them with Aaron's crazy work schedule. Spring has finally sprung here in Japan and we enjoyed every minute of it today.
And now for a few Sunday Favorites.
Another lovely blogger shared this on link and I have to pass it along. 
Real life Instagram
I'd buy it the day it was released.

Tiffany has a crafty mind and a handy husband and managed to get this amazing table out of it. 
Aren't you jealous?

This heart blanket tutorial is too cute. 
I need to reach out to the crafty side of my brain and see if I can do it myself.

Alli wrote an awesome post about Birthmother's Day. 
Alli is one of my real life friends. She's pretty great. 
And she knows a lot about being a birth mom. 
You should definitely go visit her!

Dana shared her easy packing list for a trip to Miami. 
Anyone else want her to put together their next vacation wardrobe? 
I know I do.

And of course, I haven't forgotten the best Sunday Fav of all.
My mom.
She is beautiful, smart, and has an amazing heart.
She gets credit for everything good in me.
I love you mama.

PS Don't forget to link up this Wednesday for our exciting home invasions!


  1. I always like your favorite links lists :)

  2. Thanks for the link! Love Twink's outfit. I always loved seeing your Mom, she's so sweet.

  3. Aww I love Twink's coat! He looks like Where's Waldo! :D

  4. There's a little surprise for you over on my blog today!! Hop on over & check it out :)

  5. Hey Girlie!
    Left you some bloggy love..

    Have a great day!

  6. I just found you and started following you after reading the Ellie Life and the Speak Now blog. I already love you blog! Can't wait to get your updates!

  7. What a sweet photo with your mom! It looks like you had a great mother's day (you are Twink's mom!!) The family photo is great - You guys are too cute :)

  8. You and your Mom are so sweet. Get crafty girlie so you can write me about it when I'm gone lol. xoxo


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