I Don't Usually Photograph My Ears

May 10, 2012

I have some amazing earrings to share with you today and since the way to show off earrings is in your ears this is a lovely post filled with photographed ears. My ears are a little bit pointy and I've always imagined myself to be part elf. No joke, when I was little I thought it was pretty fun. A few weeks ago I won this giveaway and my amazing prize from Anjolee (check them out, they are awesome) came this week. I got to customize the color and everything. I've already worn them twice. 

The other earrings I must show off... well it's actually just one earring. Sort of. It's hard to explain so I'll just share a picture. These are the cool thing in Japan and we all know how cool I am. It's also convenient that the holes in my left ear are perfectly spaced to rock this look. Like I said. I'm Cool.


  1. How cute!
    I love the one you got in Japan! Know any online stores that sell 'em?


  2. Love the earrings! I used to have some like the second ones and I was brushing my hair and...ouch.

    They're super cute though! How many holes do you have in your ears? I'm at 4 right now but I was once at 8. Things change. :D

  3. Those earrings are gorgeous! So jealous that you won them!

    I also LOVE the chain one! I have two holes in each ear and am now seriously wondering whether I could pull them off too. Unfortunately probably not, since they're only about as far apart as your bottom two. Hmmm. :( Maybe once I am off all these lovely chemically meds I need to get another hole in each!? :P


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