And I'm a MilSpouse

May 12, 2012

So here's the thing. I don't talk about the military much on my blog. I'm not an expert who can tell you the ins and outs. Aaron has been in the Air Force for 8 years now but until we married I'd never had the influence of the military in my life. Sometimes I look at people weird when they call me a "MilSpouse." It's still such a strange concept. When people visit my blog they don't know we're a military family unless I mention it casually or they read my about me page. But today I'm joining the MilSpouse Appreciation Day blog hop (even though it was yesterday here... silly time difference) so I thought I'd bring it up.

To anyone new here, I'm Sue. 
I'm married to Aaron. 
We have a puppy, Twink.
We live in Japan.

I love to read big books, dance instead of walk, and take lots of pictures.
Aaron loves to play video games, grill KC BBQ, and make people laugh.
Twink loves to run around crazy, chew on squeaky toys, and eat from our plate.

We try and take cute pictures like this.
But usually they look more like this.
These are my favorite shoes & pants.
And this is my favorite place in Japan.

I'm a reader, dancer, dreamer, lover. And I'm a MilSpouse.
It's lovely to meet you all!

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  1. Hey Sue! Happy Milspouse Appreciation Day to you!! I think that, like a birthday, milspouse day can be drug out and celebrated for a while, time difference or not. ;)

    Glad you got the announcement- I was so happy that I already had your address and didn't have to tell you in advance that you'd be getting happy mail ;)

  2. Happy Appreciation day! And I feel you on your last post, we arent as far away as you are, but our family is in VA and we are in cali, so getting home isnt always an option. We appreciate the experiences the military provides us to live in different places, but it doesnt mean that sometimes, we still feel homesick!

  3. Happy Military Appreciation Day! I'm still getting used to being a MilSpouse, too! Loving every minute of it though! :)

  4. Hi! I'm here from the blog hop. Very cool that you're in Japan. I like your favorite place. I love Germany but not having a beach nearby is one of the few drawbacks.

  5. Hi! I am a little late from the BlogHop. It was nice to meet you! So Happy belated military spouse appreciation day!! Amanda


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