WIW: Wedding {a link up}

Apr 30, 2012

Today Megan over at Absolute Mommy is having a What I Wore: Wedding Edition link up. Is there anything better than showing off your wedding pics? I think not. If you're not married don't fret, you can link up bridesmaid dresses too! I'm going to share it all. On my wedding day I felt like a princess (which is how it should be). My corset cost more than my dress and was totally worth it. And my 12 foot veil was handmade by my BFF Jessi's wonderful mom. My dress didn't have a train and I wanted something to trail behind me while I was walking down the isle but go away when I wanted to dance. It was perfect.

the first half the day I ran around in this sexy little number I refer to as my stripper outfit
Princess Sue
of course we must share one with the sexy man
And now for bridesmaid dresses. I love being a bridesmaid.
my sisters & friends were asked to wear any purple/black/white combo they wanted
me with my fabulous sisters- we all wore blue for my sister Shelly's wedding
again with my sisters, this time at my brother's wedding- isn't his wife beautiful?
maid of honor at my best friend Amber's wedding- I love this girl
Seriously. I love weddings. I used to be a wedding/event planner and I'm going to do it again one day. So please post your wedding pics and link up with Megan so I can go drool over them.

PS You can also find me here today.


  1. love the wedding pictures! You're adorable!! xo, Kristina

  2. Beautiful! Your dress is gorgeous!! I love weddings too - I had more fun with this link up.

  3. Your wedding dress looks beautiful on you and you looked so Happy! :) You know I'm going to have to jump on this, too! lol -Jessica

  4. Sue, you are just so gorgeous!!! Loved your wedding dress!

    I love the pink bridesmaid dress, what a lovely color!! Looks great on everyone!!

  5. haha, sweet stripper outfit. :)

  6. Love the stripper outfit!! LOL
    You were such a beautiful bride. Where did you guys get married?
    And I love all the bridesmaids dresses!! So awesome!
    Thanks for linking up!
    I'm having so much fun reading everyones!!

  7. I had the same bride sweatshirt! How fun for being a bridesmaid!

  8. I like your "stripper" outfit. :) I've only been a bridesmaid once (for my BFF, who was also my bridesmaid) and it was a ton of fun. Weddings are fun... I sure enjoyed mine. :)

  9. Gorgeous! I love your dress!!

  10. Haha! Love your "stripper" outfit! :) I ran around in that huge slip thing that goes under the skirt. I borrowed it from my best friend, who is...let's just say several sizes bigger than me. So it was literally pinned to my corset and the hem was pinned to the exact length it needed to be. SO once it was on I couldn't take it off! Ha!

    You were a gorgeous bride, Sue! Love that picture of you and your man!

  11. great pictures. lol @ your sexy stripper outfit. You make a beautiful bride and bridesmaid.

  12. This is so awesome! you looked beautiful in your wedding dress :)

  13. You are such a classic beauty Sue!! I love the details..the red lipstick is perfect with your fair complexion. Gorgeous!

  14. Cute cute cute wedding pictures!

  15. Beautiful as a bride & a bridesmaid! love these pics ;)

  16. You make a beautiful bride & bridesmaid! I love your dress! I love going back through our wedding photos, that day made me feel like a princess too :)

  17. Gorgeous! I love your "stripper outfit", lol!!


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