Weekly Photo Challenge: Shadows

Apr 13, 2012

It's time for another photo challenge link up at Our Reflection! I really had fun with this one. You're supposed to go out and take a new picture each week which adds a lot to the challenge. I've got a few pics in my library over the years that could be used for this one but since it's a new pic I spent the day with my camera around my neck and many experiments. There were a lot of terrible ones, a handful of good ones, and one or two great ones. At least I thought so. 

I need to give some background behind this photo. Remember how my husband spoiled me and bought me a camera for my birthday? Well he also humored me and bought the accessories I wanted to go along with it, and that included a Holga Lens Kit. If you've never seen or used a Holga camera, they are pretty awesome. They take old fashioned-looking pics and you can use color filters over the lens to give different looks. Technically the Holga is supposed to be a film camera but I still have film from our wedding that I have yet to get developed... mostly because I have no idea where to do that in Japan. So the chances of me getting these pics developed was less than zero. Thus, Aaron bought me the lenses for my DSLR instead. Easy solution, right? They don't auto-focus, which I love, but they're also hard to manual focus. Basically I come out with a lot of semi-blurry, colorful, artsy-looking pictures. Most are terrible (which is why digital is awesome) but some are pretty cool. And I hope the one I'm sharing today falls under the pretty cool column.

This pic was taken using my Holga standard lens and my red soft surround filter. I call it "A Shadow of Love." No seriously, I don't name my photographs... I just like to have fun. I literally had my camera in my hands all day trying to find a good shot. It's a lot harder than you think! Now go visit Laura and link up your own picture! 


  1. ah man. now i really do have to get my butt off the couch this weekend and use my new camera. you have inspired me!

  2. What a cool picture, great idea!


  3. Thanks for visiting my blog! Very pretty photo with the filter! Love playing around with my camera, finding new, weird stuff about it lol. -Jessica@GreenPB&Js

  4. How fun! when I get my fancy DSLR camera (in the next 10 years or so haha) I really want to get that kit too. What a blast!

  5. Ooh this is such a cool picture! Great effect! I need to get one of these!

  6. Neat!!! It's such an interesting photo - I've never seen one like it!


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