Fridays Letters {a link up}

Apr 6, 2012

Dear Aaron, Thank you for cooking me hamburgers on the grill anytime I ask for them. Dear Twink, How could a mama not love that face? Please stop being naughty though. Dear Baby A, I'm so glad you came to the world on Wednesday and I got to be the first to rock you to sleep. You melted my heart. Dear Jessi, I cannot wait to see you in Japan. August is so far away. Dear Japan, PLEASE stop snowing. It doesn't have to be warm but this is getting ridiculous. Dear Self, Stop online shopping. Don't you know the post office here is terrible and you won't get your things for at least a month? Dear Aaron, Thank you for humoring me when I want to buy yet another t-shirt for Twink. He really does need them. He told me.

I'm linking up for Friday's Letters for the first time. I love reading this series every week so I might as well join it, right?


PS This is my 300th blog post today. Kind of a big deal, right? Or maybe I just talk too much.


  1. Whooooo!!! 300 posts!! That is amazing! Congrats!!! :)

  2. YAY for 300!! That's a big number!! And I am addicted to online shopping too. I feel your pain :)


  3. I'm visiting from Friday Letters - I love your cute :)
    And Twink is SO CUTE!!!
    I don't like shopping online...I always feel like I want to return it. LOL :)
    Have a lovely weekend! ox

  4. Of course the dog needs t-shirts!!

  5. Bahaha this is another great post! Oh goodness you remind me so much of myself. We would be great friends in real life I am sure of it! :)


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