I Love Other Bloggers

Apr 19, 2012

Seriously though, I love other bloggers. In yesterday's post I mentioned three in particular. Then I published my post and immediately felt guilty. I listed in my head all of my wonderful blogger friends I didn't mention. I felt like I should go back and edit the post and make a big long list of every one of you that has touched my life, that has become my friend, and has been with me on this journey called blogging. But you know who you are, right? All of you. Anyone who reads this blog, anyone who I correspond with through comments or email, anyone who I've met through this virtual world that I've convinced myself is real, I am so lucky to have you all as a part of my blogging life! 

As a small side note, if you leave comments on my blog and you've never gotten a response it's because you're a no-reply blogger (and that makes me very sad because I write back to every comment I receive). If you want to change that go read this tutorial- it's quick and easy and then we can converse!

This was me today, by the way. I had a good hair day. And to think, I almost didn't bother to do my hair today! That would have been a waste. Also, I had mostly blue nails and wanted to show them off. I'm not even going to tell you how I singlehandedly took a picture of both my hands with my iPhone. I'm pretty sure I'd get laughed at.

I joined the Send Something Good project that Gentri Lee is hosting. You all know by now how much I love getting mail (I've only mentioned it about a hundred times) so when I saw this project I had to jump on the proverbial band wagon and be a part of the fun. There are over 160 bloggers participating! I would tell you who I'm sending something good to but it's supposed to be a surprise. And to help us get to know our secret bloggers we're all supposed to write a little about ourselves (see my about me page!) or list ten things we love. So here they are, in no particular order (obviously the husband and the puppy are my number one and two choices but I'm thinking they want to know more than just that about me).

1. Travel
2. Brightly colored nail polish
3. Accessories (they make an old outfit new)
4. Things that smell pretty
5. Books (I'll read almost anything)
6. Anything with lace
7. Photography
8. Journals and Notebooks
9. Color, but in a simple way (if that makes any sense)
10. Creating new things (food, art, ideas...)

I think that's a pretty good list. I'm going to go stalk visit my secret blogger now.


  1. i am the same with you about both books and nail polish. love them both.
    xx jes, www.twosmuppies.com

  2. OK, now I'm curious. How did you get a picture of both of your hands? :) Love the polish color and you hair looks awesome!
    I was just thinking of what I was going to send you in the mail, your list gave me a few ideas now :) I think I enjoy sending mail as much as I love getting it! The secret blogger thing sounds fun and a good way to learn about more fabulous bloggers!

  3. I need to know how you took that picture. Because I very rarely have access to both of my hands at the same time. ;)

  4. I have to admit, I'm crazy curious about you taking that picture, lol...

  5. Quite a lovely list :) And I agree! I love connecting with other bloggers..

  6. i also dig nail polish. dark stuff though - reds, blacks, greys. and anything with lace is a good idea.

    glad to have you participating in send something good! talk to you soon!

  7. I know EXACTLY how you feel about loving all bloggers! I've done that exact same thing so many times. haha! I just love blogging and bloggers and everything it's about. :)

  8. Thank u, thank u, thank u, THANK U for posting about the tutorial! I didn't even realize I had an old e-mail address on my profile until i read this post! lol.

    I love your nail polish btw! I love painting random nails like that too! :)

  9. Ok so now I REALLY want to know how the heck you took a photo of both your hands with your phone! Maybe you should publish a tutorial!? ;-)

  10. I always read about these things after the fact! I definitely want to get in on one soon!

    Oh, btw, congrats on winning those earrings!!

  11. I love other bloggers too. It is funny how I find these blogs and think "oh.. new bff, of course!" And I am so glad I found your blog today! New BFF, of course!

    xo-Deidre deejmbl.blogspot.com

  12. oh man i wish i would have known earlier to participate! oh well, next time!!
    and We love you sue!! don't feel bad! I love blogging and everyone i am meeting and have met :)

  13. i love your hair! it looks so good on you.

  14. ahh how cute! I found you on send something good project, I am participating in it too. Would you like to follow each other?


  15. stopping by from the link up...

    i love all of the same things. especially lace, traveling and reading!

    i love how you said you're going to stalk your partner now. i think we're all doing the same thing :)


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