What I Like About Me.

Feb 20, 2012

"I try to find something to love in everybody. Even if it’s a small thing. There’s always something… there has to be." -Chloe

Okay, so the movie Chloe is totally weird but this gem did come out of it. This is exactly how I feel. As I've grown up I've realized there is something to love in every person I meet. If you can't find something to love about a person you're not looking hard enough. And yes, some people you have to look REALLY hard. But I promise, it's worth it. Everyone has something good about them. I feel so sad when I see people picking themselves apart. We shouldn't be focusing on the negative things in life! There is good in this world and it's worth looking for. An example of this come from the movie Mean Girls. Remember that one? In the scene I'm thinking of the girls are looking in the mirror, picking themselves apart. They don't see what young beautiful girls they are. All they see are their perceived imperfections, such as "My hips are huge. I hate my calves. I've got man shoulders. My hairline is so weird. My pores are huge. My nail beds suck." When I watched this scene I just laughed... why can't we focus on the good things about our bodies? I know, it's not always so easy. But it's worth it if you can focus on the good. Three things I like about my body:

  • I like my smile. I have cute little dimples that show through when I give a real smile and I think they're pretty special (so few people have them).
  • I like my eyes. They're blue/green/hazel/whatever-color-they-feel-like-being. Seriously. I usually call them green because they stick to that range the most. They're pretty though. They're the windows into me!
  • I like my hands. I have slender fingers and pretty nails. They look lovely with nail polish on them and my skin only has a few little scars (all from myself- I'm a klutz to the bone).

Okay, that list was a lot harder to write than I thought. Every time I thought of a body part I immediately thought of what I don't like about it! Why is that so ingrained in us? It's terrible. I think everyone should take a piece of paper right now and write down three things they like about themselves (more specifically your body) and if you're brave enough leave it in the comments section. I'd love to hear what you like about you. It's probably harder than you think, but it's worth it. It's worth it to remind yourself about the good. It's worth it to look for the silver lining (every cloud has one). It's worth it to dig a little deeper. Usually you're surprised by what you find. And what better place to start looking for the good than in the mirror?

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  1. The media has changed every girls outlook on themselves. It's so sad! Great post! I need to be better at giving myself compliments.

  2. I nominated you for a couple of awards!


  3. I love this post! I think it's important to always try to find things we like about ourselves :) Thanks so much for coming by my blog and for linking up! I hope you come link up again next Monday (the linky party goes all week!). Love your blog too, looking forward to reading more!


  4. AMEN! Surround yourself with healthy and positive people too. I teach zumba and I tell everyone to embrace and LOVE THEMSELVES! Whether you have a magazine body or your thighs touch!

    come join my giveaway- would love love to have you

  5. yay!! I can comment now!! :)

    Love this post!! You do have a gorgeous smile!! What I love about my body... I think it would be my my smile or my hair. (That's part of the body.) ha. :)

  6. You are so pretty doll! Our society may be a debby downer but there are still good people out there who can see beauty in a person (especially in a person who can't see themselves that way).

  7. Hi Suzie,
    Here are the three things I love about myself:
    1- I love my hair that is finally getting long again... even if sometimes it looks silly.... :)
    2- I love my eyelashes that are pretty with or without makeup on them, they are long and dark.
    3- I love my baby belly that is growing each and every day!!!!!

    I love you so much!!!
    Shell Belle

  8. sue,you're wonderful and so pretty (imo).

    Hmmm, 3 things that I like about my body, ok:
    I do love my eyes, think that's one of my best features. I got nice eyelashes to go w/them lol.

    My hands. My fingers have gotten a little chubbier since gaining weight, but my hands are small and I like them!

    my boobs! lol. They are not too big, but whatever GOd gave me, i like em! I dont want to change them at all.


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