Mama & Daddy.

Feb 7, 2012

"She believed she could, so she did." 

And the reason I've always believed is because of them. My mama and daddy. I'm their first baby, their oldest of six, their "tester" child. I'd say they did pretty well (and I'm obviously not biased at all). When one of my siblings does something particularly irritating or upsetting my mom will say to me, "I got it so right the first time. Why did I keep trying?" I know she's teasing but it makes me feel good to know how great she thinks I am.

But seriously, my parents are wonderful. They've encouraged me to spread my wings and fly my entire life. They always see the best in me and overlook the worst. They are where I get my sunny, positive attitude from. It's genetic! 

My mom truly believes that everything will be okay in the end and she passed that trait on to me. She sees the good in everyone she meets. She is kind to people even when they don't deserve it. She looks at the beautiful things in life and counts her blessings every day. She was also the driving force behind pulling off my beautiful wedding. I planned it all out but left it for her and my sisters that day because I knew they would make it perfect for me. I've never in my life been disappointed in my mother. She always shows kindness and love and she is one of the most beautiful people, inside and out, that I know.

My dad is a hard worker and very thoughtful. My high school boyfriends were always afraid of him, which I find hysterical because he is the sweetest man ever. My dad taught me that when you are wrong it's okay to apologize. That sounds like such a silly thing but it's true. Most people have too much pride to admit when they are wrong. If my dad knows he's wrong he will come out and say it (don't tell him this, but he's not wrong often). I'm sorry is one of the truest things I learned from my dad. He is such a wonderful example to everyone who knows him.

My parents have been with me through all the highs and lows in my life. When I was 19 I told my mom I was moving to New Jersey to be a nanny and leaving in one week. Her response was, "That will be fun. Let me know if you need help packing. I'll miss you." I know it's bittersweet to watch me always leaving. She knows it's what's best for me but she hates to see me go (on my first day of kindergarten she cried a lot). 

When I went through my divorce my parents (and my siblings) were the ones who got me through. I felt their hearts break right along with mine. They picked me up when I fell down (which was at least once a day) and they helped me make it through. They were supportive when I needed them and backed off when I needed space. I don't know how they knew when to do which, but they were wonderful about it. 

When I came home from Japan last May and told them I was engaged to a man they had never met they both hugged me and were happy for me. They didn't question me. After all I'd been through I knew exactly what I wanted and they trusted that. I'm sure that was one of the harder things they've done as parents because their first instinct is always to protect me. After everything I'd been through I know they were worried for me. But they knew that I knew what I wanted. They trusted that and they trusted me. I feel a little silly because while I'm writing this I may or may not be, but definitely am, crying just a little. They're mostly happy tears (the sad ones are that my parents are so far away). I love my parents so much. I am so blessed that I was born their daughter and as long as I live I will always believe that I have the world's greatest parents.


  1. I love this. Having great parents is just the best.

  2. awh so sweet! and you look so pretty in your wedding pic! My mom has always supported what i've done, love her so much.


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