Lovely Ladies of April

Apr 14, 2012

It's time to introduce you all to my lovely April sponsors. I absolutely love them! I know there are a lot of blogs out there and we all do sponsor swaps/highlights/intros but there is a reason. There are some really great little blogs out there that are definitely worth reading! So take a minute to click through my sponsors and get to know these fabulous women. They're awesome! I like to ask my sponsors to answer three questions and to tell me 3 random things about themselves. Enjoy!

Meet Evanne from Simply FABulous

  • Why do you blog? I started simply FABulous as a creative outlet. I work a 8-5 job where I sit behind a desk a lot of the day and work on the computer... gets a little boring at times. When I get home, I do anything BUT sit still... so I usually craft, create, sew, build... anything fun and creative. I wanted to share all of my creative ideas with others and hope to inspire people to express themselves whether it is through writing, crafting, art work, etc. This blog is my creative outlet and I can't imagine my life without it!
  • Where do you live? And what do you love or hate about it? I live in Saint Charles Missouri with my two favorite guys- my boyfriend of 3 years Casey and our dog Toby. I have lived in Saint Louis (which is just another city within Missouri right next door). What I love about Saint Charles are the fabulous wineries near by and the amazing parks that we have in St. Louis. Also, we are home to the World Series Baseball champs the STL Cardinals.
  • What is your favorite drink? Favorite non-alcoholic drink would be Iced Tea... I'm addicted! No sweetener, no lemon, no flavor just plain ole iced tea for me. Favorite alcoholic drink... I like the tropical ones so I would say a Strawberry Daiquiri or a Fruity Frozen Margarita.
  • Random 1- I swill sleep with my baby blanket at night... my boyfriend gets upset because I would rather cuddle my blanket that him... sorry babe.
  • Random 2- I'm a chocoholic! I love all sweets, especially all things chocolate. I could eat if for breakfast, lunch, dinner, and a midnight snack... YUM! My favorite chocolates are the chocolate Treasures candy with caramel inside... YUM! I also am a HUGE fan or chocolate frozen yogurt with strawberries and M&M's on top.
  • Random 3- I've thrown out the first pitch at a St. Louis Cardinals Baseball game with my sister. We were young, I was around 10 and she was around 6... it was SO cool!

Meet Katie from Boys Will Be Boys
(Katie is extra awesome, she's my cousin!)

  • Why do you blog? I blog for several reasons. I love to write! I used to do it all the time in high school and college. I missed it and my husband and my mom have been urging me for a while to write children's books. I had not written in years so I thought a blog would be a great way to get creative juices flowing in case I ever want to take it to the next level. I also write because it is therapy to me. Sometimes it helps me to laugh off some of the frustrating moments that I have on a daily basis raising my two boys. Other times it helps me to deal with the feelings I have about losing my Dad to a rare brain disease a few years ago. We had a really close relationship and even though I'm doing well now, the pain resurfaces from time to time and it helps me so much more than other avenues. Lastly, it's just a wonderful way to both keep my family in on our lives and a great way to document the lives of my boys because they are growing so fast!
  • Where do you live? And what do you love or hate about it? We live near Sacramento, California. It is definitely a love/hate relationship for me and Sacramento. I love that we've been here for a long time and are familiar with most places. It's close to some of our family so that's nice too. We've no doubt met some amazing friends here and made lots of amazing memories. My husband has a solid job and that is rare for a lot of people these days. I love my Kings and being close enough to the bay to got to A's and 49ers games! The dislikes are definitely there too! My boys and I have horrible allergies here! It is extremely expensive to live. For the capital of a huge stat, you'd think there would be so much opportunity and awesomeness but there just isn't. I miss my Mom being down here. Although we'd miss the people, if something huge came up in some other part of the country, I'd be totally okay with living elsewhere. I try not to get too down about it, we are obviously where we are for a reason!
  • What is your favorite drink? hmmm alcoholic would probably be a watermelon margarita and non alcoholic sweet iced tea!
  • Random 1- I have a black belt in taekwondo.
  • Random 2- I still get that excited/giddy feeling inside when my hubby gets home from a long work day after almost 10 years together.
  • Random 3- I have watched the Justin Beiber "Never Say Never" documentary and surprisingly liked it.

Meet Amanda from Somewhere Over the Camo

Somewhere Over the Camo
  • Why do you blog? I blog for many reasons. It started out as a way to communicate the happenings in my life far away from my home to the majority of my family. Since I moved back to Kansas for a year it has turned into a way to meet new people and express myself through my words but yet still communicating my happenings to my loved ones. I'm also a military wife and I've found that there are many great women that exist within this community. With that I also feel I have two years of "experience" under my belt to help those not quite as familiar with this truly awesome way of life, so my blog is also a way to help those women.
  • Where do you live? And what do you love or hate about it? I live in Kansas, on the southern end of Kansas City. I've lived in Kansas the majority of my live (all but a year thus far) and there are so many great things about this area. They people are for the most part amazing, very friendly. The food, ESPECIALLY the BBQ is fantastic. The experiences are sometimes hard to find, but once you've established roots I feel it is especially easy to make new memories that will never be forgotten. Of course it's that way for every part of the country I am sure. This is my home, and always will be. Especially since Tot is my neighbor. ;)
  • What is your favorite drink? My favorite drink is Pepsi. When I am trying to be healthy it is water. When I'm enjoying life to the fullest it is Budweiser or rum and coke.
  • Random 1- I am a natural redhead. My momma has always said I stole it from her at birth, because I am the only redhead in my family.
  • Random 2- I live in a third floor apartment (yes, I complain about it quite a bit over at my fabulous blog!) with my wonderful boxer, Piston, while my handsome husband is deployed.
  • Random 3- I listen to country music, drive stick shift and open my windows the minute it hits 60 degrees.

Meet Kris from The New Normal

  • Why do you blog? I started blogging as a way to keep my husband connected with our daily lives while he was deployed to Iraq. I used it to document the kids' activities and how they were crowing so he still felt a part of our family life while he was away. It quickly turned in to a wonderful way to meet other ladies who were in the same situation and going through the same crazy military life as we were and it was a wonderful support system. The blog world became the military community that I didn't have close by and really helped me survive the deployment! 
  • Where do you live? And what do you love or hate about it? We live in the heart of the Midwest. I love it here in the Spring when the flowers are in bloom and in the Fall when the tree leaves are turning colors. But I am not a fan of Winters! I do not like to be cold! Luckily this Winter was pretty mild so we avoided the worst of it! I also love how close we are to big cities, but still feel like we live close to the country. Overall, it's a pretty good place to live. :)
  • What is your favorite drink? Sweet Tea. I lived in the South just outside of New Orleans for a few years growing up and fell in love with sweet tea. The sweeter the better! There is nothing more perfect that a cold glass of sweet tea on a hot summer day...
  • Random 1- I can't stand to get wet. I promise I bathe on a daily basis though! But if I didn't ever have to get wet I wouldn't! Funny, because I grew up by the water and we spend our vacations at the lake. But I would prefer to sit on the beach or dock and just enjoy the view! 
  • Random 2- I grew up wishing I had been a hippie. Not the "free love" and drugs type hippie, mostly just the fashion and the laid-back attitude. My husband always says I'm a hippie at heart :) 
  • Random 3- I still have no idea what I want to be when I grow up. I always wanted to be a mom, so I've accomplished that and currently I'm a first grade teacher, but I feel like there is more out there. I'd like to be a nurse. I'd like to be a writer. I'd like to travel the world. I've like to be a stay-at-home mom. Someday maybe I'll figure it out!

Meet Megan from And here's to you, Mrs. Robinson

  • Why do you blog? I originally started my blog as a way to connect with my family {didn't everyone?} but then I decided I wanted to reach out to more people. When I started really investing in my blog I was going through a hard time emotionally and thought just maybe other women were feeling what I was feeling as well. So I started opening up in hopes that my experiences would help others and we could create some kind of community of support with one another. And now I have made so many wonderful friends that I really can't imagine not having it in my life. In some ways I feel like this blogging community really saved me :)
  • Where do you live? And what do you love or hate about it? I currently live in Provo, Utah while my husband finishes school {I just finished last year}. But we will be moving at the end of the summer to go to dental school. I LOVE Provo during spring & summers! There's not as many students around, it's beautiful, and there's so much to do! I'm so glad we get to experience it one lsat time before we move. But I HATE winter! My husband and I both hate living in snow so we're excited to leave that behind. 
  • What is your favorite drink? Oh man... I have no idea... Do Oreo Milkshakes count as a drink? Or Icees? I choose those :)
  • Random 1- I lived in Poland when I was 5 years old for about a year.
  • Random 2- I once danced the whole High School Musical dance for two talent shows. 
  • Random 3- I visited Punxsutawney, PA to celebrate Groundhog's Day.

Meet Meghan from The Struggling Cyster

  • Why do you blog? I started my blog as a way to reach out with others who have PCOS, but soon found many other people I loved and other things to blog about. I love how I can do both on my little blog :)
  • Where do you live? And what do you love or hate about it? I live in a teeny hick town somewhere in Ohio. I love how small it is, for the most part we have low crime rates and we are a strong community. I hate that everyone thinks they need to know everyone else's business! haha
  • What is your favorite drink? Cran-Grape Jice... yummmm!!
  • Random 1- I had my gall bladder removed at 18!
  • Random 2- I am about to turn 20 and have never even sat in the drivers seat, let alone know how to drive.
  • Random 3- I cry at almost every episode at Grey's Anatomy, unless my boyfriend is around. I don't shed a tear then!

Meet Jenny from Heavenly Blossoms

Heavenly Blossoms
  • Why do you blog? Mostly for myself... to get things off my chest, when I am down and out or up and cheery, when my daughter inspires me to or when I have something I want to "show & tell" :)
  • Where do you live? And what do you love or hate about it? I live in NJ. I love it because it's close to EVERYTHING, in less than an hour depending on the direction I take, I can be in the mountains for skiing, down the shore for some good ol summer fun, or in the Big Apple!! Which is a plethora of entertainment on its own! What I hate about it is well... what comes with the territory! High cost of living, over population, higher crime, education woes, and just bad air! I hope to one day make the exodus to somewhere nice and easygoing... Texas is my first choice... but if you know of any good wholesome neighborhoods in the midwest where snow is a four letter work I'll take it! :)
  • What is your favorite drink? GREEN tea... HOT... straight up... my favorite, it's so good and good for YOU!
  • Random 1- I'm a lefty.
  • Random 2- I have REAAAAALLY curly hair.
  • Random 3- I have a guilty pleasure of reading young adult series! i.e. Harry Potter, Hunger Games!

Meet Megan from Absolute Mommy

  • Why do you blog? To have something of my very own. Since I'm a stay at home mom. It's rare that anything is "mine" these days. My blog is all mine, and allows me to focus on what I love, writing.
  • Where do you live? And what do you love or hate about it? I live in Fresno, CA, and I one the seasons. We have cold winters and hot summers. I also hate the hot summers. 114 is kind of a drag. But my mom and my father-in-law have pools so that's usually where we are in the summer.
  • What is your favorite drink? It used to be an Iced Venti Black Tea sweetened from Starbucks, but I had to quit the caffeine. I still miss my old friend. These days Izze pomegranate sodas are my fav.
  • Random 1- I eat a 100% grain free diet.
  • Random 2- I will watch 16 Candles and Fast Times at Ridgemont High no matter where I am or who is with me.
  • Random 3- I have an old copy of Love Story I bought at Salvation Army in high school. Hardcover and original jacket, worn and read well. I also have a paperback copy that is being help together with packaging tape. I love the book, not the movie. Who wouldn't want to be Jenny?


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