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Apr 30, 2012

I have a lovely treat for you all today. Amanda is a fellow MilSpouse, awesome blogger, and great friend- and she's here to visit my blog today! Amanda also lives in my husband's home town (on the other side of the border) and one day when we're there visiting the in-laws I'm going to steal her for a blate. We've decided to do a swap so if you want to read my thoughts on PERFECTION head over to her blog and be sure to say hello!


Hey y'all, I'm Amanda.  I can normally be found over at Somewhere Over the Camo blogging about nothing in particular. ☺ I am excited that today I get to swap with Sue!  Her blog has quickly become one of my favorites because of how alike we are.. even though Kansas is REALLY far away from Japan. Anywho, the chosen topic got me thinking (obviously) and here is my answer to:

Is there such a thing as perfect?

Many would say yes.  Some would say no... for me it is a yes and a no answer..

Let me explain...

I can think of the perfect situation that makes me smile just thinking about it.  My husband would be home (rather than deployed), the sun would be shining through the OPEN windows.  It would be 74 degrees outside with zero humidity in the air.  Some country music would be playing, a football game on TV, the dog curled up snoozing.. and not a thing that we should be doing otherwise.  To me that is as close to perfect as it gets.

I can think of the perfect man FOR ME.. that's my husband.  Yes, he has his moments and he may not be perfect in the eyes of everyone but to me, he is perfect.  My kind of perfect.

I can think of the perfect car.. all black, SUV, no dents, no maintenance required and paid off.

I can think of the perfect body.  Everyone can.  I'd lose the love handles, and go back to how I was when I graduated high school.  Which is funny, because back then I wasn't happy with my body at all..

Which brings all of this full circle, yes everyone has a perfect list.  Some of which can be attainable (perfect day, man, etc).. others just aren't (no maintenance car... or perfect body).  But no matter what.. there will ALWAYS be something defined as "perfect" to each and every person.  It's a matter of personal opinion that goes hand in hand with an ideal situation, a dream or sometimes even reality.  And lets face it, if nobody dreamed about their perfection, where would that leave us all?

You tell me, how do you define perfect?
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