Foreverly Design

Nov 4, 2013

"I tell myself I can do anything, and most of the time I believe it." 

I am beyond excited! Today is the day I'm opening my brand new corner of the internet, Foreverly Design. I've loved making my own jewelry for years now and I finally decided to gather all my courage and open my own shop. Currently my shop has bracelets, necklaces, and earrings available for immediate purchase. I'm adding more stock this week and by next Monday I'm hoping to have my customizable sterling silver jewelry added too! 

I would love for you to take a peek at my new shop and let me know what you think. Between now and the 18th (my first two weeks of being open!) you can enter the code below for a discount on any order. Thanks so much for checking it out!!
xo Sue

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  1. You should be so proud! Opening your own shop is a big deal :-) I'll add the button as soon as I have a minute to get on my computer and not blog from my phone ;-)


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