Everly's First Halloween

Nov 1, 2013

Like any crazy parent who uses too much social media (especially Instagram), I created a hashtag for Everly's first Halloween. I plan to do this for pretty much every holiday for all of time because I LOVE looking back at pics from a specific event without having to trudge through everything to find them. I'm aware of how crazy I sound. But the hashtag #everlyeden is my absolute favorite to look back over in IG.

My Halloween hashtag was #everween2013 and I posted periodic updates of my progress on our DIY costumes as well as pictures from today. I found this fab tutorial over at A Beautiful Mess (my daily stalk for creative ideas). They're obviously a lot more skilled than I at getting things done quickly because this took me two weeks of working. Of course, I have an 8 month old who thinks she needs to try walking already so I'm up to my elbows in trouble.

At the beginning of September I told myself I was going to make our costumes for Halloween. My mom always made ours and those were some seriously cute costumes. By the time October arrived I still hadn't started them (or even chosen them). When Aaron and I finally settled on lions (in case you were still guessing what we are) I jumped right in and got to work. I'm thrilled with how they turned out. Everly wasn't fond of the mane tickling her face but she was quite skilled at pulling it apart. I watched horrified as my daughter tried to destroy in 30 seconds what had taken hours to create. She ended up not wearing her hood for most of the night but she sat still (or we held her hands) while we snapped some pics.

Our Trick-or-Treat adventures consisted of knocking exactly six doors (grandma's included) and explaining our costume every time. I thought it was obvious but I was wrong! Lizzie came with us, dressed as the cutest bunny ever, and she was delighted to be getting so much candy. Unlike Ever, she knows what candy is! Our neighbor girls came along too and it was a fun 10 minutes out in the cold. Afterwards Everly chewed on a wrapped candy bar while Aaron and I giggled at her and stole candy out of my mama's big bowl. I couldn't have asked for a better first Halloween for my lady. I'm already excited for many more to come!

xo Sue


  1. super cute! I remember my mom made our costumes, too...how did they ever have the time?! Ah, yes, this was before computers and cell phones!

  2. CUTE! She is a seriously adorable little lion! :D


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