Nov 5, 2013

"And those who were seen dancing were thought to be insane by those who could not hear the music." - Nietzsche

My mama shared that quote with me this week and said it made her think of me. It made me happy.

Thing on my mind: My brain feels it's shattered into a million tiny pieces with how much I'm doing lately. I've getting everything organized and ready to open my newest little space on the internet (you can visit me here!). I'm so excited but also nervous and perhaps a touch afraid of falling flat on my face.

Books I'm reading: Craft INC. and Thirteen Reasons Why (one of my favorites to read over and over again)

Favorite food: Anything quick and easy. Unless I find a new recipe I need to try on Pinterest!

Favorite show: Criminal Minds - my all time favorite.

Favorite activity: Baby watch! My next client (someone extra special to me) is due any day now. I LOVE being a doula. LOVE.

Project: Creating - product, content, information. Everything.

Songs on repeat: Let Me Go, Acoustic #3, and Some Nights.

Favorite moment: Watching Everly take steps. It wasn't long ago that she started crawling and now she's decided steps are a good idea! They're only 2-3 at a time but I can't even believe her every time I watch. She's usually taking steps towards me. Heart melting.

Daily revelation: I am grateful for my mind. I don't mean to brag here but I've got a pretty great one.

Favorite pictures:

my first night out alone since E was born // E in her lion costume // first taste of chocolate

xo Sue

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