The Most Fun Scarf Ever (Blogger Swap)

Dec 16, 2013

I love doing blogger swaps. I love to (try) and put together a gift for another lady that I know online. I enjoy picking out things that I think she'll like and sending happy thoughts and love along with a little gift. The hard part is when the other person totally outdoes you and then you feel like you should have done more! I also really loved the idea that Jess & Jess had of doing a specific swap (in this case scarves) instead of a general gift. It made shopping less stressful because even though I wasn't sure what exactly I was going to find, I knew what I'd be looking for. 

My swap partner was Cece. She and I exchanged a few emails getting to know each other before we went out hunting for scarfs to mail. She told me she's a corporate lady who blogs and runs her Etsy shop for a creative outlet, and she hates pink! (I really really hope that the scarf I found her fits into both those categories!) I told her my whole life story condensed to a few sentences because I do that... and I said I enjoy statement pieces when it comes to scarves. Remember what I said about your partner outdoing you? Yep she did. And she nailed it. And then she added in some nail polish and chocolate (does she get me or what?) just to make it special. I'm crazy in love with this darling scarf and I just have to say a huge THANK YOU to Cece for finding me the most fun scarf ever. 

xo Sue

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  1. That scarf is GORGEOUS! So glad you joined us for the swap!

  2. That scarf is awesome!! (And I'm the same way about sharing my whole life story -- though I think I use more than just a couple sentences...)

  3. What a fun package you got! I love that color and the nail polish! Too funny, I sent Jess nail polish, too :) I also love Cece, so that's awesome that you got to "meet" her, too! Thanks for playing along :)

  4. Yay! I'm so happy that a) it arrived since it seemed to sit in the ATL distribution center for days and b) you like it. I'm wearing mine today, love, love, love it! :)


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