Everly's First Christmas

Dec 30, 2013

I can describe this Christmas with one simple word: Magic. Seeing the world through her eyes, seeing the magic through her eyes, was amazing. I bought her exactly one toy: this sweet little super doll, Joy. I'll explain more about that gift a different day, but it's very special to me and I hope that it will be special to her. All her other fun toys came from her grandparents. I would say she was spoiled rotten but I don't believe that, I think she was spoiled an appropriate amount! We had a Skype Christmas with Aaron's parents and Everly had a great time tearing the wrapping paper to shreds. Then we had a Christmas with my family and again E tore up the gifts. She had a lot of fun and even liked the presents once they were opened. Her favorite is a light up contraption Aaron's parents picked out for her that makes music for her to dance to and has lots of buttons, light, and noises. She dances around and shakes what her mama gave her. It's pretty adorable. 

The clothes for Everly were some of my favorite gifts (and the only other thing I bought her). Her little white & green leggings (seen in some of these photos) say "Evie" on them and came from jennifer ann. Are they not the cutest things ever? I loved picking them for her and put her in them way too often. Her sheep pajamas came from Grandma (Lizzie got a matching pair). The pink striped pajama was from her Nanny. And the red & white tutu I made one day, just for fun. 

Aaron and I each got a few fun gifts too. Books/clothes (me), collectibles/games (him), and movies (both of us) were the majority of our Christmas treats. I made myself an initial necklace to represent our little family (E, S, A) as something special and I love it. 

Christmas day most of the family went snowboarding/skiing. Shelly and I stayed with our babies, daddy, and a few other siblings for a quiet day at home. When Aaron got home E and I enjoyed our snuggles with him and watched movies and had treats. The day after Christmas my mama took all the sisters to get pedicures together. It was so fun to go and spend time with my sisters. We haven't been alone with just the ladies and no babies in a long time. Shelly couldn't make it and we definitely missed her. I love that for our gifts my parents gave us experiences instead of things. It was so fun to make special memories together and I'll always remember it. 

I spent a lot of time this holiday season reflecting on how blessed my life is. I have the most amazing husband and daughter. I have a wonderful family who loves me (us) and is always there to support me. Watching Everly explore this season in her own special way has been beautiful. Christmas has been magic with my darling daughter. I love her more than words can express. I hope your holiday season was your own brand of perfection! 

xo Sue


  1. Love the pictures.. that tutu and your new necklace. So cute Sue! I am so glad to hear that y'all had a wonderful Christmas. You definitely deserve it.

  2. She is such a sweetheart. Babies definitely make Christmas a thousand times better.

  3. I love the tutu and the leggings! Super cute. Looks like you had an amazing Christmas!

  4. aw that looks like such a great day. I love her tutu

  5. What wonderful photos! It seems like you have a fantastic holiday with family and friends :)


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