Ten Months Old

Dec 20, 2013

Ten months. I struggle to find the words. Perhaps because it's the last month of the year that E was born? Or maybe just my denial that she could possibly be growing so quickly. I remember this time last year. I was seven months pregnant and working with my husband and my doula to prepare myself mentally and physically for childbirth. I was a little sad because pregnancy hormones (yep, we're blaming them) were making me miss home and family extra over the holiday season. Aaron and I were planning a quiet Christmas with just the two of us. It was the calm before the hurricane that is Everly. And what a beautiful hurricane she has been.

Everly is still my happy, growing girl. I'm still her happy, exhausted mama.
  • E is into EVERYTHING. I have a small cupboard on my computer desk that she likes to get into while I type (like right now). At first it held my things but after she proved that she's determined to get in there no matter how hard I try to keep her out I emptied it and filled it with things for her to play with. Now she can spend a good 20 minutes pulling things out and opening and shutting the door. 
  • She weighs 18 pounds now. It's not much of a jump from the last time I posted her weight but she's growing healthy and strong so we're not at all worried. She still has chunky little thighs (although not as big as before she started walking) and she's got beautiful baby chub in all the right spots. Including her feet.
  • Her beautiful blonde hair is getting longer and more blonde. She's going to go white blonde this summer, I'm sure. 
  • Pretty quickly after she mastered walking she taught herself to climb the stairs. And by taught herself I mean she walked over to them and just started going for it. This girl is fearless. 
  • Everly knows how to stand up without holding on to anything now. She puts her hands on the floor, sticks her bum in the air, and just stands right up like a big girl. I cannot believe my eyes sometimes. 
  • She also knows how to climb down from the bed. She only does it if I'm on the floor already. If I'm on the bed she'll play there happily. Occasionally she'll decide she's done with a nap and climb down to play without making a peep. I'm considering making her wear a bell for her naps... 
  • She's barely cut her third tooth, the top right one. It popped through yesterday and her gums are swollen on the left, ready to break open at any moment. As far as nursing is concerned, I'm okay if her teeth don't all come in for a while! She's very considerate about not biting me while she nurses though.
  • Everly had her first Thanksgiving. She loved mashed potatoes (I think because she could squish them), gravy (definitely for the flavor), and turkey (she really likes meat). She did not love mama being in the kitchen all day cooking. 
  • And my favorite thing she's learned this month: Everly dances. If she hears music she starts bopping her head and bouncing her knees up and down. It's adorable and it's about the extent of her daddy's dance skills. I joke! (Sort of...) We have dance parties now and they're amazing. She'll even dance when I sing to her.

xo Sue


  1. She is too cute! I know Molly's going to be a dancer! ;)

  2. she's so cute! cutest little dance :)


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