Too Sweet Not to Share

Jan 30, 2014

Some days I cannot believe my luck that I get to do life with this lady. Everly is so fun. She's happy and playful and smarter than I ever imagined a baby could be. She's curious and bright and into everything. I mean everything. About a week ago she got the cleaner (all natural!) out from under the sink and was walking around with it (she does this, just collects treasures as she explores). My dad commented that she had it and we put it out of her reach. Or so we thought. A few days later my mom and I were looking for the cleaner and couldn't find it. Not five minutes after we stopped looking Everly came walking up to us with it in her hands. I still have no idea where she'd put it or how she knew that's what we were looking for. She's just so clever. 

Everly has been sick the past few days and it's been hard on us all. She's congested so she has trouble sleeping and has been missing her nice long nap. The result is crabby baby central around here. And yet, she's still so sweet and fun. Even when she's not feeling well she lights up my world. These photos were from a day of dress up she and I had a few weeks ago. Sometimes we like to put on fancy things and play. This time I took out the camera. The pictures were too sweet not to share.

xo Sue


  1. She's a doll! Hope she feels better soon!

  2. Those cancels with that skirt? Oh oh the preciousness. <3

  3. she is so cute, oh that skirt! <3

  4. Um, hello. That first picture. I can't even handle it. Those chubby baby feet! Adorable.


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