Magic at the Piano

Jan 13, 2014

My mom bought this piano when I was seven years old. I'd been taking lessons for a year and playing on a small keyboard but I'd become frustrated with it. I couldn't play loud or soft on a keyboard and I wasn't able to practice those parts of my lessons. When I was little I was convinced the highest form of torture was my mother making me sit on that bench for 30 minutes and plunk out my songs. Now I'm so grateful she did. I can sit down with a piece of music and muddle my way through it a few times, making beautiful music out of notes on a page. 

Sometimes Everly likes to go to the piano and practice her own songs. She never plays the same song twice and they have no titles or notes to read, but they are beautiful bits of music. She loves to make sound. Her face lights up at the noise that follows when she pounds proudly on the keys. It's a delight to listen and watch as my daughter develops her own love affair with the piano. I hope it carries on forever.

xo Sue


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