The Nonchalance of a Fashion Blogger

Jan 14, 2014

Everly won't usually hold still for a picture no matter how much I plead. Then on a whim she decided to hold still for three. And she did it all with the nonchalance of a fashion blogger. She's mastered the distant look, the casual surprise, the hand in the hair, and the effortlessness of it all. Before she's even a year old. Please, tell me how she does it. 

And this last photo, oh this last photo. I know the coloring is all wrong and completely grainy. It came out so dark but I did my best to salvage it and I love it anyway. She was smiling, I was smiling, we were playing. The camera caught it. It may not be a perfect photo, but I needed to save it. Because I'm usually the one behind the camera I don't have many photos of us in the moment, in the action, just playing as we do every single day. I needed this photo. And I love it so much.

xo Sue


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