I'll Always Remember

Sep 5, 2013

I was seven years old, playing outside, waiting for my grandma and grandpa to get to our home and start a fun day together. My grandma was a wonderful woman. Happy, kind, and always serving others. I was a sweet (or sassy) little girl who looked up to her grandma as only a granddaughter can. I don't remember what I was doing, but I know I was copying something I'd seen on tv. Something that maybe wasn't appropriate for a seven year old girl, although I didn't understand that. I told my grandma about it and she said something to me that I haven't forgotten in twenty years. 

"You let the world be the world, and you just be you."

Those words stuck. I thought about them all day and all night and every day for the rest of my life. Sometimes I see people doing things and I think maybe I could be like that. Then I remember what my grandma told me. I don't need to be like everyone else. I am me. No one else can be me. So why should I want to be anyone else? I'm sure she never knew the impact that small sentence would have on me. Lucky for me, my grandma was a very smart lady.

Also, that's definitely me in this picture with my grandma. My mom was convinced I was a boy when she was pregnant with me, so all of my clothes up to about six months old were blue. It's a good thing I look pretty cute in blue, right?

xo Sue


  1. Your grandma was a smart woman. I love that advice and really needed to hear that today.

  2. What a precious photo of you and your Grandma. You look so cute. A very good piece of advice from your Grandma, it sounds like she was a very special person. :-)

  3. Cute baby in blue! Your Grandma's right and a lot of people today should hear that very simple but meaningful advice. Society keeps on pushing us to be one and the same when we should be celebrating our differences to make a beautiful world. :)

    Gab ☮

  4. I always loved your grandma Toone! This was a beautiful picture of her and you were the sweetest little thing (a little sassy too)! Grandma Toone was always kind, generous, and loving. She was a true gem!

    Much love,
    Aunt Becky Jean


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