Dear A, Dear E {plus a giveaway}

Sep 16, 2013

Dear A, You are amazing. You are smart, you are kind, you are my favorite. You are the best dad I know. Our little E is so lucky to have you. I am too. She learns so much from you, and no one makes her laugh the way you do. She adores you. So do I. You are a wonderful husband and my best friend. You love me on my good days and my bad. And I love you most. Dear E, You are amazing. You are sweet, you are funny, you are so intelligent. I love to watch you as you learn from the world around you. You officially became a crawler yesterday and it was spectacular to watch. Now you fancy yourself a walker. It will happen before I know it. Your daddy and I are the luckiest to have you, our precious baby girl. Please know that everything, everything we do is for you. I love you with my whole heart. Love, S/M


On a separate and awesome note: One of my favorite bloggers, Lena B, Actually, just reached 2K on her followers and she wants to celebrate! If you'd like to join us in this little party enter her fantabulous giveaway via the fun little gadget below. Be sure to stop by Lena B, Actually and say hello! She's an awesome mom with style that won't quit (and she graces my sidebar!)- I promise you will love her! 
xo Sue

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