A Personality Test

Sep 9, 2013

Last Friday I skipped writing for two reasons. The first was that Aaron, Everly, and I spent the day at Salt Lake Comic Con (did you know I was that nerdy?). It was day 2 of 3 and it was amazing. All three days were. I didn't take nearly enough pictures but the memories will last a lifetime. I'll share more on that in a few days. The other reason is hard to admit. I wasn't comfortable with the writing prompt. I know these prompts are meant to push us, to make us think, and possibly to write outside of our normal realms, but I just couldn't do it. The prompt was to write about a time you were very afraid. There are few times in my life when I've felt real, true fear. Not justwatchedascarymovieandnowillhavescarydreams fear, but actually being afraid of something real. And those few times are very personal to me. So I took a break from Blogtember and I think that's okay.

I'm back today to share the results of a little personality test. If you've never taken it, give it a try. It doesn't take very long and it's pretty interesting. My results were ENFJ which honestly surprised me a little until I read the in depth descriptions. It was interesting to read things about myself and realize that they're pretty on the nose.

It starts by telling me I have an extraverted feeling. I've always thought of myself more as a social introvert. Is there such a thing? It means I'm comfortable with people, I can talk to anyone, and many people feel connected to me. My face-to-face relationships are intense.

I have an introverted intuition. There is a clarity in my perception and I'm more likely to look for a silver lining in a bad situation, rather than dwell on the bad. It also means I'm always looking for a newer and better solution to any problems that I face.

I have an extraverted sensing, meaning I'm good at managing details in the big picture. It also means that I can value things differently than others do. Something could be small and inconsequential but mean the world to me, and be almost impossible to part with.

I have an introverted thinking. Basically meaning I think my way is right. My logic will tell me so. It's called "thinking in the service of feeling." It will have the appearance of logic and make sense to me, but others won't always see it.

The (maybe) bad thing about taking this personality test is they just lay it all out there. Some things you read about yourself you won't always like (such as my logic not always making sense to others) but it's the truth. Sometimes I'll tell Aaron something that to me is a very logical conclusion and he'll point out how far off base I am. It doesn't happen often (I do try to be self aware) but when it does it makes me stop and consider all my life choices. It can be earth-shattering for me. The good thing about the personality test is it also points out a lot of my good traits. And sometimes you really need to hear that you're mostly good.

xo Sue

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