Everly's Six Month Photos

Aug 26, 2013

These photos hardly need words. There is nothing more precious, more perfect, more beautiful in my life than this baby.

My sweet, sweet Ever,

You and your daddy are the best part of my life. If ever I need to feel happy, I just look at your beautiful smile. You always know when I need one and never hesitate to share your happiness with me. Sometimes it's hard being a mom. Sometimes it's not. Most of the time, it's simply my life and I am grateful for that. You are a gift and a blessing. Two nights ago you slept most of the night. You woke up once to nurse and snuggle and went straight back to sleep. Last night was different. You needed your mama. You wanted to nurse and snuggle all night long. Those nights are harder, until I remember that one day you won't want to nurse and snuggle in the night and my heart breaks for the thought. So even on the hard nights I try to cherish every moment. You are growing so quickly before my eyes. Half a year has flown by and before I know it I'll be planning a first birthday party. I promise to love you every moment and always be your biggest fan. I'm thrilled to watch you grow every day, knowing that you are so special and amazing and no one else gets to be your mom. Just me. I adore you sweetheart.

Love forever,
your Mama

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