My Baby Sister's Baby.

Jan 30, 2012

Today I have something very exciting to share. This year I am going to be an aunt! My baby sister Shelly (who is actually only a year younger than me but will always be my baby) is preggo and I'm going to have a niece. Every time I think about it I want to jump up and down, I'm so thrilled. Shelly's cute tummy is starting to look like a baby is in there and even though I only get to see her over a webcam I absolutely love it. The minute I found out she's having a girl I started shopping. I couldn't help myself and Aaron only makes it worse by saying, "Oh that's cute, you should get it for Shelly." So really, I only take half the blame. I had this tutu custom made by Lyndsi @Lynderella Stitches. She's fabulous and made the tutu to match the shoes just below it (which I also got from her). Shelly promised me beautiful newborn pictures in exchange for a beautiful tutu. I think I got the better end of the deal and you can bet pictures of my little niece will be wallpapering my house. The bibs below were especially fun for us. Aaron sat down with me at the computer, we found a website that let us custom design bibs, and we got to work making the cutest ones we could think of. But of course, the tutu is still my favorite. 
I cannot wait to see the Little Miss wearing it.


  1. Congrates on becoming an AUNT!!! Babies are always super cute!!!

  2. Oh man. I love those bibs. Very hilarious.

  3. Ahh, those bibs are hysterical!

  4. oh my gosh. I'm totally looking for the "these fools put my cape on backward bib! haha


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