DIY Floral Crown

Apr 11, 2014

Remember this lovely little number from my Birthday Week? It's not really a secret that I'm obsessed with floral crowns (see here, here, and here for some examples) but up until now I've only made them with faux flowers. I like them to last a while! For my birthday I decided to make my first fresh floral crown but these are the steps you can take for a quick DIY with fresh flowers or faux. A lot of my faux ones become more complex/involved than this, but this is a good place to start if you're a beginner. This is what I do if I want to whip one up in five minutes! 

1. Take some green florist wire and cut it longer than you need. Measure it around your head for an accurate size and then wrap the ends so they stay put pretty well. I usually measure 5-6 inches longer than what I need for this.
2. Cut up your flowers! If you're using faux cut the pieces you want off the stem. Same goes for fresh.  You can leave the stems longer than you need and cut them down while you're working. Once you've done this a few times you'll get a good idea on that too! 
3. Take your green floral tape and start wrapping! Line up the wire and the flower stem and wrap them tightly with the tape so they're secure. You can put the flowers as close or far apart as you like. 
4. Admire your handy work and wear your beautiful crown out somewhere! Yes, you'll probably get looks (I know I always do) but you'll look great so who cares? Also, if you're making fresh floral crowns I recommend doing it only an hour or so before you plan to wear it. This one held up well but by the end of the night some of the flowers were starting to wilt. I was glad I made it right before I left the house. 

And that's it my bloggy friends. That's everything you need to know to make a beautiful floral crown! Of course you can always modify this in many ways. Yours can be fuller or more sparse depending on your preference. For the really big flowers I usually pull out my glue gun and some plain headbands. I've found they stay a lot easier that way. Enjoy! 

xo Sue


  1. I love flower crowns! I didn't know that it's that simple to make one. That's definitely gonna be on my projects list this summer!

    1. It's so easy! I make them all the time & love them. I love to wear them out in public. :)

  2. Wow, very pretty! I love the colours! :)


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