April Intentions

Apr 9, 2014

In March we double succeeded at taking a family pic! The first was on by birthday and the second was the day after. We found hats at Target that were too cute to just walk bay. Everly is starting to really like hats- for about 30 seconds. As for reading one book a week... I'm ashamed of myself. I haven't even come close. Maybe one book every two weeks? In my slightly pathetic defense I had no idea when I set that intention how busy my life was about to get. Also in my defense, I read to enjoy myself and not because I have to. If I have slightly less time to read I'm not going to stress. That being said- two of my BFF's got me books for my birthday (Elusion from Amber and Half Bad and Panic from Jess) and I'm taking all three of them with me when E and I go to Louisiana for our friend's wedding this week. Everly will probably not allow reading on the plane but I can dream!

I accomplished two out of three for my March Intentions. I painted! I pulled out my mom's easel that I bought her about six years ago and I painted a bunch of random watercolor pictures. I'm not very good. We'll leave it at that... But it was a lot of fun! I also celebrated Birthday Week and it went on for a full 10 days. I think that's a new record. There's nothing that makes you feel loved like people celebrating you, am I right? But I failed on my sugar detox. I want to try it again but I realized I need to do it when life isn't so chaotic. I've got SO much going on right now that feeding myself at all is an accomplishment. I didn't have the time or energy to detox. I did try it for a few days but it was not great. I'm okay with it though. The intention was there and it definitely got me thinking more about the foods I put into my body. It's a step in the right direction!

March was amazing but so very busy. I can't believe it's over already! And today being the 9th of April... that's just unreal to me. And so I'm only setting one intention for April, because it's all I need right now.

  • I will SLOW DOWN. The amount of work I have isn't going to go away but Aaron and I are figuring it out so I have set work times to focus and get things done quickly. This leaves me a lot more time to spend with him and Everly and in turn makes all of us happier. Of course there's always the occasional interrupt to that plan but for the most part I'm going to take a breath and step away from my computer intentionally each day. I love love love my work and I'm so lucky to have it in my life but this past month has shown me that if I don't stop and take a breath I'm going to burn myself out. 

As it works out, we've got two fun events planned for April that will help with the slowing down and spending time doing things I love! This week Everly and I are headed to Louisiana (as I mentioned earlier). I'm a bridesmaid and she's a flower girl although there's a bet going on if she'll actually walk down the isle. I'm guessing not since she doesn't like large groups of strangers, especially when they all look at her. She'll be adorable in her dress either way! 

The other thing that we're eagerly anticipating is Aaron's dad coming to visit. We haven't seen his parents since last June when we moved back from Japan! Sadly his mom is stuck with work but the Salt Lake Comic Con FanX is next week and we talked him into coming out for it. We're going to pack up the tiny lady in the Ergo and brave the masses. We went to Comic Con in September (the first one in SLC) with Everly in tow and it was crazy fun. We're SO excited that Chris is coming out to visit. Everly loves her grandparents so much and it's going to be so fun to get them together again. 

Basically this month is going to be awesome. And probably over before I can blink. 

xo Sue


  1. aww! I hope y'all have a blast in Louisiana!
    we haven't taken a family pic in a LONG time.
    and you got 2 in one week - score ;)
    guess I should make it a priority, huh.
    I attempted watercolor once and put it down.
    speaking of watercolor - your new design is gorgeous!

    1. Thank you! We had a great time at the wedding and I really love this new design. It makes me happy!

  2. Wow I love the matching hats, and the painting on your header! :)


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