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Apr 2, 2014

Take a look around- do you love my new design? I'm infatuated. It was done by the phenomenal Fran of Freeborboleta Designs. I know, I know, half of my job is to do design and websites (currently making about a billion of them!). So why on earth would I have someone else do my personal blog design for me? Because I was SO sick of doing it myself. Don't get me wrong, I love designing for Sacred Pregnancy and the beauty and energy I've put into the new sites we're about to launch has been amazing. I'm so proud of the work I'm doing there! But when I looked at my own personal blog I was feeling defeated. I was hating it. It didn't have the vibe I was going for and I simply didn't have the time to fix it up. 

I've always been a big fan of Fran's designs. She does such an excellent job of catering to what the client wants and not just doing the same design over and over with slight variations. She took my jumble of "ums" and "maybes" and turned it into this beauty! She has this wonderful survey you fill out when you book your place on her design list and mine was like "well I really like the font of this but I also like the font of this and they're not similar at all" and "this picture is so pretty and this one is so dark and edgy and I love them both." I'm sure when she got my survey she just laughed- and I wouldn't blame her one bit! I think the gist of the survey was that I wanted something new, fresh, fun, whimsical, and a little bit earthy. I've really evolved as a person over the last few years and I wanted it to reflect where I'm at now. I'm very much about herbal, natural, and lovely things. The picture used in the header was one I sent to Fran. It was taken at the Sacred Pregnancy retreat I went to in February but made into a water color (thank you waterlogue!). I didn't think to use it until Fran sent me her mock up and suddenly it all came together. 

I am so thrilled with this beautiful new design! And best of all, Fran was a dream to work with. If you're looking for a new blog design you should check her out. You won't be disappointed! 

xo Sue


  1. I LOVE it!! So fresh and light and sophisticated all in one. The watercolor at the top is beautiful as are the colors you chose. Gorgeous!

  2. Hi Sue! I hopped over from Fran's site and I agree - your site looks great! Congrats on the fresh design. I started my blog in December but after something that happened in my personal life this week I have to rebrand. I've been looking for a few sites to inspire me as I make that journey and your site has definitely made the list.

    1. Thank you! :) I love the new design so much. Good luck with your new one! xo

  3. Woo! I honestly LOVED working with you :D


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