Our Favorite Carriers: ERGObaby Original

Oct 14, 2013

My favorite thing about babywearing (with any carrier, sling, or wrap) is the freedom it gives us both. My arms don't get tired from holding Everly up. She's sitting comfortably instead of balancing on my hip bone. And we're free to enjoy each other's company without distraction. If I'm wearing a necklace she'll pull it and play with it to entertain herself. She can reach out and try to help me with whatever task I'm doing. She especially likes to help throw laundry in the washer, although she usually misses. 

This is my current favorite buckle carrier, or soft structured carrier, the ERGObaby Original. I love almost everything about this carrier. I love the waist band because is supports Everly's weight without putting pressure on my back. I have a bad back so this is huge for me. I love the padded shoulder straps. They're comfortable to me and they give Everly something to chew on when she's having a particularly hard time teething. I love the wide seat the material gives to her bum and legs. It fully supports her in the ergonomically correct way so she doesn't have future hip problems. I love that Everly is so comfortable in this carrier that she often falls asleep. I love the little hood that I use to cover her head when she falls asleep. It keeps the light from getting in her eyes and helps her sleep longer, plus it's lightweight so she doesn't get all sweaty! And I love the zipper pocket this carrier has just for moms. I can slip my keys, wallet, and cell phone in there while we're running errands and leave the bulky purse/diaper bag in the car. I love the different positions of this carrier. It easily switches from front to back and when we go on walks Everly rides like a backpack. Most of all, I love that this carrier will support my baby as she grows. Just to show it off, I put my five year old neighbor in this carrier on my back and walked around with her. I could still feel her weight a little, but not at all like I was carrying her with my arms. She really enjoyed herself and has since asked me to put her back in and carry her around just like Everly. 

There is one thing I don't love about this carrier. The back buckle. The waist buckle is easy to do myself. The back one is not. I can do it myself, but it takes a lot of ninja-like skills to stretch my arms to that spot on my back. Usually I ask someone else to do it up for me and if Everly and I are out running errands alone we manage it, but it's not easy. 

Overall the ERGObaby Original is an amazing carrier. The benefits to both mom and baby are definitely worth the price and the use I've gotten out of it has been wonderful. Even if I stopped using it tomorrow I'd feel like I'd gotten my money's worth out of it and my baby isn't even 8 months old yet. That being said, there's no way I'm stopping tomorrow! This is our easiest go-to carrier when we're out running errands or we want to go on a walk. We use it at least 4 times a week, if not every single day.

Do you have an ERGObaby carrier? Or do you prefer a different brand? I'd love to hear your stories! PS This is not a sponsored post. I just really love babywearing and I want to share info about carriers with all my fellow mamas. Be sure to keep an eye out for more carrier reviews in the future!
xo Sue


  1. We have an Ergo and it's my go to carrier when we're out. I feel like Remy is very secure in it, but the back buckle is tricky. I think Remy has finally gotten big enough to shift out of my head's way when I buckle it, so we don't have scream-fest anymore while getting the carrier on. We don't use the hood on ours because if Remy wakes up with a cover over his head then he is an unhappy camper! :)

  2. We have an ergo that my husband wore a lot when she was younger; i didn't like wearing it when she was an infant, because my body wasn't what it used to be and it just was never comfortable. Now, though, I love it. I'm actually wearing it right now while typing, because someone was fighting a nap!

  3. I have an Ergo, but have not used it yet! :-( I want to, though!!
    My little dude (5 months, 14lbs) is too big for the infant insert (I always just took the stroller everywhere when he was smaller), but I am worried he is not quite big enough yet to splay his legs out around me like that...?? Maybe I should just try it and see if it works out. I know it would make a lot of things easier (errands/chores around the house).


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