Eight Months Old

Oct 20, 2013

Eight beautiful months. How am I so lucky to spend them with this darling girl? She is an absolute joy to be around! I accidentally started planning her first birthday party a few days ago. It was accidental because I happened upon a picture of a cake that caused an explosion of ideas in my mind. I had so much fun planning until I realized that it's really not that far away. Then I had a good little cry. Is this how my mom has felt for the last 27+ years?

So many things have happened this month, I hardly know where to begin.

  • Everly had her first two teeth pop through! She's a little bit of a late teether but I can promise you I wasn't upset about that. Now when she gives me a big grin those two little teeth poking out of her lower gums smile up at me too. It's absolutely precious.
  • I spent my first nighttime away from Ever this month. I've never spent the night away from her, but one night this month Aaron and I went out to a late dinner with friends and our baby stayed with her grandma. They laughed and played and she had someone other than her mama put her to sleep at night for the first time. I'm sure it was a lot harder for me than for her because she was sound asleep when I got back. 
  • Ever has started standing all on her own (see the pic above). She's getting her balance and loves to show it off. She's taken a few accidental steps without holding anything but for now her walking usually happens while holding on to something. 
  • A few days ago she was sitting in the middle of the room and just stood up. She didn't walk or move in any direction, she just stood up without holding on to anything. I think she was showing off for me because she had a big grin that said "Look what I can do mama!" 
  • She's absolutely loving table food and she's getting really good at feeding herself. If I try and help she pushes my hand away, takes the food out of my hand, and does it herself. We've got a very independent little lady here. 
  • Everly still breastfeeds for most of her nutrients. I can't explain how happy this makes me. I love that my little girl gets everything she needs from me. I love that she loves to nurse. I love that she wants to nurse. I'll be just a little heartbroken when she decides she's done with her nursing days. Hopefully that day is pretty far off. 
  • She's going through her very first "mommy phase" and it's been just a little bit exhausting. Luckily she's already starting to come out of it, but there were a few days that I couldn't even put her down for 30 seconds without causing an absolute meltdown. On those days I just whispered how much I love her and reminded myself that it would pass. 
  • And my favorite new thing this month: Everly has learned to give kisses. If I ask for a kiss and lean in towards her she'll lean in too and press her slobbery lips onto mine. They are the most beautiful, magical kisses in the world. 

My sweet baby girl, you are amazing. Every single day you teach me something new about being a mother, about being your mother, and about being myself in a whole new way. I adore you and every moment that I get to be your mom. My Ever Bug, you are the most intelligent, creative, curious, exhausting, beautiful, mischievous, stunning person I know. 
xo Sue


  1. I love her curly hair in the bath - that is way too cute!! :)

  2. There is NOTHING like those sweet little kisses!!

  3. I think realizing how our moms must have felt is one of the coolest parts about motherhood. :)


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