A Happy Christmas.

Dec 26, 2011

This Christmas was a wonderful one. It was our first Christmas as a married couple and a new little family. It was also the first Christmas I've ever spent away from my parents and brothers and sisters. No matter where I've been in life, I've always made it home for Christmas. It was bittersweet this year realizing that while they weren't with me in person, they are always with me. And I may not have been in Utah but I was definitely "home" for Christmas. It was lovely to be able to spend this holiday with my husband. He is the biggest joy in my life and I wouldn't have chosen any other way. I got so many fun presents for Christmas this year, I was completely spoiled. But more importantly I spent the day happy and laughing with the man that I love. He was the best present of all.
(This was my second best present. It's an upgrade to replace the last necklace I wore every single day. Isn't it beautiful? It came from The Vintage Pearl.)

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  1. I've wanted a VP necklace for over about two years and I finally got one in December as a graduation present. I love it! And I love yours! Beautiful.


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