Getting Ready.

Dec 11, 2011

Time for more wedding pics! I have too many to choose from so they're going up in several posts. Prepping for the big day is always so fun... It was made better by my Sexy Little Bride hoodie.

I ran around in this particular outfit for a good hour at least. I call it my stripper outfit. I just wasn't ready to put my wedding dress on yet! Luckily, the end result was worth it.

The husband looked pretty damn good too. 
The blues are just so sexy.


  1. Hi Sue! *hugs *

    I just found your blog a few hours ago. Or rather, just remembered it. I love it.

    I've gone through and read most of it (I hope that doesn't seem crazy and stalkerish; I'm tired but don't want to go to bed -- you know that feeling, right?) and now I suddenly feel like I know you a lot better. I guess that's what happens when there's an age gap, you don't get to know your own cousins as well as you'd like to.

    You look gorgeous in your wedding pictures; I love the veil. And your 'stripper outfit' cracks me up. :D

  2. You guys both look amazing! Congrats.

  3. You look so pretty doll. How exciting that was for you! The hoodie is adorable haha.


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