The End of the Second Trimester

Apr 4, 2015

26 weeks 2012/2015

As my second trimester of this pregnancy is coming to a close it's made me reflect a lot on my pregnancy with Everly. They've been so similar and yet so different. I've had hyperemesis with both which has made pregnancy pretty miserable for me. I've had extreme weight loss, food aversions, and so much emotional stress. But I've also had this beautiful gift of being able to grow my sweet babies inside my body. Every time I feel this little one move inside me I'm reminded of how amazing that is!

One of the biggest differences (duh) is that this time around I have a toddler. She is the most spunky, amazing toddler I know! But that spunk sure is exhausting to chase around when you're pregnant. Everly has become very independent and I love that. She knows what she wants and she goes for it, even at 2 years old! I'm learning to really appreciate how much she can do herself and I also treasure the moments when she looks to mama for help. It's a long way off before she doesn't need me constantly but I'm already sad thinking of that day. The other big difference is I'm working a LOT through this pregnancy. From doula work to teaching Sacred Pregnancy classes to assisting at live retreats to planning my own live retreat to several hours a day working online for the Sacred Living Movement, I am constantly going! I don't honestly know how I've done it, except I must be magic.

Working through this pregnancy and having a toddler has made it pretty much fly by. And now here I am... on the cusp of the third trimester, and not really sure where the time has gone.

So as I move into this final beautiful time of my life I'm bringing a lot of love and intention to my pregnancy. I don't ever plan to do this again and because these are the last three months of my life that I'll ever be pregnant I really want to savor them. I want to cherish them, enjoy them, maybe grump about them a little (because I'm human!), and mostly I want to treasure the feeling of this baby moving from the inside. I'm the only person who ever gets to feel this sweet child in that way. I'm going to be selfish and love the last few months that this baby belongs only to me.

I'm also bringing a special attention to Everly for the next few months. These are the last months that she'll be an only child. My only child. I know that I will love this second baby just as much as my first, but there will always be something special about Everly. She was my first, after all.

xo Sue

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