Sacred Relationship Reflections

Mar 27, 2015

Last week Aaron and I went to a Sacred Relationship retreat in Venice Beach. It was absolute magic. And because of how amazing it was I wanted to share our individual reflections. Every single couple should go to one of these. 

From Me: Going to Sacred Relationship was taking a deep journey into the heart and soul of my marriage. My husband and I both felt before going that we already had a good marriage, but we wanted it to be great. This experience was life changing for us! We went in knowing that it might be hard to take such a close look at ourselves and our relationship but we were willing to do it to grow stronger. To me, the most amazing part was watching my partner transform right in front of me. He truly did the work and found the side of himself he's been searching for. It was an honor to walk beside him for that journey.

Anni + Tim create such a safe and intimate space for couples that we were able to deeply connect and express ourselves. We shared our hopes, our dreams, our fears, and our love. We found that deep level of trust and understanding that we'd been working towards. We also connected with other couples, each on their own beautiful journeys. We shared laughter and tears and made true friends for life.

Sacred Relationship is unlike anything you've experienced before. If you're going through a difficult time, a peaceful time, or just want to connect more deeply to your partner GO to a retreat and dive in together. There is beauty and love on all levels shared here. Your relationship with your partner will be deeply nourished so you can carry the magic from the retreat into your every day lives and truly live in your Sacred Relationship always.

Thank you Anni + Tim for a relationship enriching and life changing 4 days. Aaron and I will always remember the magic that was created for us. We will always be grateful for the gifts you've given us. And we will always cherish our deeply Sacred Relationship.

From Aaron: I went into "Sacred Relationship" not knowing what I was getting myself into. I thought, "Oh a relationship getaway. Kind of like the movie couples retreat." But It turned out to be one of the best experiences of my life. Not only did this retreat vastly strengthen me and my wife, Sue's, relationship. It vastly open me up to myself. The feeling you take away from the experience is completely amazing. It's been a week since I've left the retreat and I feel STILL lighter, happier, and more in touch with my own life than ever before. Anni and Tim are amazing people with a wealth of relationship knowledge, and they create an outstanding environment to open ourselves up and take a good look at where and who we are, and where and who we want to be, as well as provide the tools we need to get there. I had a blast and I think all relationships should experience Anni and Tim's "Sacred Relationship."

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