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Apr 9, 2015

I realize that I haven't talked a whole lot on my blog about what my job is (I mean, besides my doula work and teaching Sacred Pregnancy classes). Part of that is because I'm always busy doing it and I haven't had a lot of spare time for blogging, and part of that is because it's hard to define exactly what I do. Officially my title is Sacred Web Goddess (if you want to know more about that, click here!) and I work with The Sacred Living Movement

If you've been around for a while you've seen me talk about Sacred Pregnancy, Sacred Doula, and most recently Sacred Relationship. Have you wondered what they're all about? This is what I do for my job. It's the most fun job in the world.

A lot of what I do is online work. I design gorgeous websites and update them (almost daily) to share our most current content, I write for our Sacred Living Movement Blog, and I run all of our online programs. The women that I get to work with every single day are so amazing. The leaders within our movement are inspirational women and I am honored to call them my sisters and my friends. 

The other part of what I do is attend live training retreats. I get to travel around the country (and world) and assist with retreats. This June I'm running a retreat all on my own here in Utah and I am SO excited for that! I'll also be training to run a brand new retreat this year and I cannot wait. There's something special about live retreats that can't be found anywhere else. We circle together in sisterhood and for a few days we create absolute magic. 

We have 22 programs within the Sacred Living Movement. The websites take a lot of time and energy to create, but all of the info can be found on our main website, If you want to learn more about our individual programs give them a click! 

xo Sue

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