June + July Intentions

Jul 3, 2014

Part of this should have been posted weeks ago. Life has been a bit crazy lately. I know it's always going to be that way but there are times that blogging falls to the side. So much has happened in the past few weeks and I find that I'm still processing feelings as they come. It's been a quiet time in some ways and an incredibly busy time in others. I've been reworking my business plans, expanding some things I do, withdrawing from others, and really figuring out what works for me, my family, and my future. It's been amazing. 

I also feel like the month of June vanished before my eyes. My best friend Jess got married the second weekend in June and now it's July. Since that time I've been doula for 3 births (2 of them with no sleep at all), attended a 2-day Energy Healing Conference (SO interesting... perhaps my thoughts on that will come out a different day), and tried to make sense of this very chaotic life. Aaron has had a few job interviews and we think we're settling on something that's really going to work for him and our future. We're so excited about that. 

I've started a healer's journal, began using herbs and oils for healing, and sought out specific trainings for myself to enhance my journey down this path. I created a brand new website for myself to have one spot to direct all my business through. It's exhausting after a while to keep up with several different places. It's streamlined now and I love it! I've also created several new websites for Sacred Pregnancy and began writing for the Sacred Pregnancy Blog. It's a wonderful whirlwind.

In August Everly and I will be heading on another trip, this time to Canada. We're going to a Sacred Pregnancy + Sacred Doula training retreat. I'm so looking forward to being Sacred Doula certified. It's a program that calls to my soul and I'm ready to answer. Every time I prepare for a birth I exhaust myself making plans and worrying about E when I'm gone, but when it's time to actually go and I get to help these amazing mamas birth their babies my heart is revitalized. This is exactly what I'm supposed to be doing.

And now, after a whole lot of rambling... 

Our family photo for May. You've already seen this gem but it's perfect. 

I picked my path in a sense... I've selected a few programs that I'm so excited about to become certified in things that are going to continue to guide my life. Shelly and I finished writing our e-course! Even though the lessons have begun to be posted, it's self-paced and can be joined at any time. We'd love to have more participants in this journey (sign up here!). The creating... it's been more on a personal level (my sisters ditched me and went on vacation) but it's been fantastic. Everly has recently discovered how much she loves coloring and we're making drawings daily! 

The reading of one book per week hasn't worked out. I'm reading A LOT but it's not normal books that I would share here. It's lessons for courses I'm taking, it's notes on topics that are fascinating to me, it's magazines that have so much information and I'm devouring them. I obviously haven't been blogging every week either. Such is life! We're still managing one family photo each month (although June's is awkward!). And I'm definitely loving myself more and finding the things that make my soul happy. For a half-year account, this is looking wonderful. 

Our June family photo... it's awkward. It was taken with my husband's cell phone and it shows! But we have a photo for the month and I'm pretty proud of that. 

June Intentions. I will...
  • Attend the Energy Healing Conference and sign up two women for my upcoming Sacred Pregnancy 2-day Retreat. Originally my intention was one woman. Just one beautiful soul to join me for my retreat. After day one of the conference I'd achieved this so I extended it to one per day. By the end of day two I had my second woman sign up! To me, the conference was a success.
  • Finish my new website. I want a place to send all clients, no matter what they're looking for. It's beautiful! I love it. Seriously, check it out.

July Intentions. I will...
  • Explore the outdoors with Everly. She is a child of Mother Earth. There's nothing she loves more than being outside. Seeing my child's love for the outdoors has given me a new appreciation for it. We going to go on a few hikes, find a lake or two, and enjoy the beauty that nature has to offer us. 
  • Find two more women to attend my Sacred Pregnancy 2-day Retreat. I want the beauty of sisterhood to be present at the retreat and I know there are a few more women out there looking for that in their lives. I will find them! 
  • Embrace my reiki training. I'm going to be a reiki practitioner by the end of the month. My mother's day gift from Aaron and Everly was my training. I found the most wonderful woman who facilitates the training and I'm so excited to learn from her. 

If you've made it to the end of this ramble you're amazing. Life is so beautiful and I'm loving every minute. Even the hard times are something to be thankful for. Without them I wouldn't know how good the good times are. This has been a wonderful year so far and I know the second half will be even better. 
xo Sue

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  1. Goodness. I am tired reading this post. You are SO busy lady. I am not sure how you do all of it, but just so you know.. I think you rock!


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