March Intentions

Mar 14, 2014

So back at the beginning of February I took this picture and I said to myself it would NOT be my family pic for the month. And it totally was. Because taking a family picture is hard! I'm falling behind on my one book per week goal but I am determined to keep up. Last week I only blogged once but overall I've been keeping up on that one. I'm determined not to fall too far behind or get too far off with the things that I love! I keep hearing about these blogging schedules and I think man, I should do one of those... as I get distracted by the 15 other tabs open on my web browser. Aaron can't watch me work. He says it gives him a headache trying to follow me as I jump around. My brain follows it well though! 

I managed to fulfill all of my February Intentions. I've met with several potential clients over the past two weeks. It's been so fun to meet new ladies and couples and hear all about their pregnancy experiences and birth wishes. I'm a birth junkie. I admit it. I went to the gym regularly (except the week I was in Cali) and it always felt good. I like to reward myself for going to the gym by ending my workout in the massage chairs. I know how to take care of myself. And I went to my Sacred Pregnancy Retreat in California. Wow, what a beautiful experience. I've been writing a post about it but I can't share it yet. It was such a deeply personal and life changing experience that I want to be sure to say it all right. It's one of those things that really matters to me. 

On to March (yes, I know it's halfway done but I wrote these a while ago and haven't shared them yet!)...
  • I will paint... or draw, or color, or something. I want to be an artist. I tell myself I am one and even if I'm not the greatest one out there who cares? I've always wanted to call myself an artist. If I make art then I am one, right?
  • I will detox. I'm participating in a sugar detox at the end of the month. A dear friend of mine is hosting it and I'm actually really excited about it. She's creating the whole program to include new recipes and good yummy food. If you want to join me I'll put you in touch with her. It's going to be wonderful!
  • I will celebrate Birthday Week with the people I love. I've been away from most of my family and friends for my last two birthdays and it's been hard for me. Aaron is amazing but I cannot expect him to be my everything. Last year my birthday was especially hard because my mom had just left Japan, Aaron had just gone back to work, and I was suddenly home alone with a new baby. This year I'm going to really take advantage of being close to so many people I love and celebrate every single day for a week. Birthdays are a really big deal in this family! 

February was really a fantastic month. Aaron got some great job leads, we celebrated Everly's first birthday, and I took giant leaps forward with my birth business. I've become more immersed in everything that I love doing and it's been wonderful. I feel so lucky to have the wonderful life that I do. I am so grateful for it. For my Aaron, my Everly, my family, my friends. I am so lucky to call them mine. 


  1. Love this post! March is definitely shaping up to be a good month for y'all. So fun!

  2. Love it! What books have you been reading??

    1. I'm in the middle of The Goldfinch and Jab, Jab, Jab, Right Hook- Both excellent!

  3. So I'm thinking:

    1) we should paint together DUH!!

    2) I am totally down for that detox too!!!

  4. Also what day is your birthday? My mom's was the 24th (she never failed to mention to anybody; that's harry houdini's and clyde barrow's birthday too) lol.

    1. Mine is the 25th and it's my favorite day. I've always loved my birthday! It celebrates me! ;)


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