A Lesson For Life

Mar 3, 2014

Do you ever have those moments that make you stop and say WOW and suddenly you see things in a completely different way? Occasionally Life does that to me. Frequently Everly does that to me.

A few weeks ago my mom pointed something out to me and I have not been able to stop thinking about it. Everly learned to walk at a very young age (just 8 1/2 months). Because of this she didn't really have the muscle control or coordination an older baby would have and as a result she fell down A LOT. Over and over and over she'd fall on her bum and over and over and over she'd stand right back up and keep going. My mom said to me one day, if we followed her example and stood back up every single time we failed at something we'd always find a way to succeed. My mind was blown. I watched her the entire rest of the day as she walked around in her determined little way. She doesn't fall down much anymore, but when she does she gets right back up and keeps going. How many of us can say that? She is so resilient. She is so smart and curious and determined. Nothing will keep her from getting into the dog food or the trash can. Nothing will keep her from the top of that slide. Nothing will keep her from doing exactly as she pleases. I am so proud of this little lady.

Thank you for teaching your mama about life. May you always be fearless, sweet baby.
xo Sue


  1. awe, what a great little girl. I know I could use some following of her example!


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